New Moon and Deep Space Planets: Crossing a New Frontier

by | Nov 23, 2022 | 5D, Deep Space Astrology, Our Moon

New Moon, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 5:57 PM to Second Quarter, November 30, 9:37 AM EST.

Moon Phase

We cross a frontier this week, with cosmic calls for the integration of conscious and unconscious, animus and anima, our animal and human natures and spiritual and human natures, past and present, public and private. The path to this integration can be raw and explosive. Be open to unexpected reveals, feelings, and vibrant wildness.

Deep space planetary energies this week encourage us to get to our core, which may have been hiding, even from us. There is internal tension to align our raw power with our divine mission. Homeostasis is not static. The cosmic energies call us to find our flex points between raw potency and civilized presence. We are encouraged to reveal, to self and others, the powerful being that we are as we fuse our raw power into our divine mission.

The elements and modalities support our work this week. We have mega fire energy – passion, focus, and the highest good intentions that mix well with flexible mutability.

While this is a New Moon week, think of infancy tenderness as we emerge into a new beginning. Our work this week is deep, transformative, and not easy. It is a most potent week for letting go of what was and allowing what wants to become find the light and life to grow.

Trust the void that plunges us into the depth of intuitively knowing we are all connected.

This is a week to get our priorities straight, fine-tune our convictions, honour our intuitions, and be willing to negotiate where warranted. We can be hoodwinked, by ourselves and by others, this week.

We are looking for the fit with what we know internally to be our truth, even if it seems beyond the veil, otherworldly. Allow magic in, and consider keeping to the highest good. It may help to be receptive to occult support – those mysterious messages that float into consciousness. We are not working alone on our purpose-driven missions; the Cosmos collaborates with us.

Find confidence in our good hearts. Go beyond the material into the metaphysical. Befriend those energies that source us. Use dreams to help identify what wants life and want wants release. This week’s energies are so intense and volcanic that there can be nightmares. These disruptive messages can help clear past karma and loosen rigid mindsets.  

The challenge is to build confidence that inspires and sustains you. Resist trusting the sheep in wool’s clothing. Be mindful of extremes in emotions, experiences, reactions, and responses that negate the Oneness of all. Avoid playing favorites.

We can evolve ourselves; it takes consciousness, focus, and discernment. Trust the void that plunges us into the depth of intuitively knowing we are all connected. Feel it.

Find compassion for the heavy lifting in this first Lunar week. Notice when you are being critical and drop down to neutrality. Mother yourself with a capital M, sorting through the delusions that try to keep you from Oneness. Find the brave heart that says yes to uplifting possibilities.

Work to integrate old with new, traditional with the avant-garde. Caution against arrogance and over-reliance on data, in contrast to what you know inside. Reckon with outdated ethics; stay with truth and progress that goes beyond rigidity. Watch for the photo flash of a bigger picture, a gift of compassion. 

The time is now to expand our hearts to their fullest. One of the planets involved in this week’s story, Alicanto, has an orbit of 6, 071.43 years. There is room for us to stretch out and grow here. This week, the opportunities are to go deep, go big and choose the freedom we have yet to know.     

It is a potent week. In addition to you, the cosmic players include:

Deep Space Astrology, Working Files

Alicanto, Altjira,  Amycus,  Aphidas, Arawn, Arrokoth, Asbolus, Bienor, Ceres, Ceto, Chaos,  Chariklo, Crantor, Cyllarus, Damocles, Deucalion, Dziewanna, Elatus, Eris, G!kun’homdima, Gonggong, Haumea, Huya, Jupiter, Leleakuhonua, Lempo, Lilith, Logos, Mars, Mbabamwanawaresa, Manwe, Mors-Somnus, Neptune, Nessus, Orcus, Orius, Rhadamanthus, Rhiphonos, Salacia, Saturn, Sedna, Sila-Nunam, Pelion, Pholus, Pluto-Charon,  Praamzius, Quoaor, Teharonhiawake, Thereus, Typhon,  Uranus, and Varda.

I humbly, and gratefully, acknowledge the pioneering work that masters of Deep Space Astrology, Philip Sedgwick, Benjamin Adamah, and Zane Stein, among others, have done in lighting our lives with the knowledge of these cosmic kin. 

5D, Here, Now

The 5D Pillar of Access this week is Unconditional Love. The energies are intense, and it takes a lot to absorb and process them. We are well served to douse ourselves with no excuses unconditional love, and to give our brothers and sisters, here on earth, the space, the benefit of the doubt, and permission to find their way through, too.


As I researched the astrological configurations this week, I had a wake-up call to the nature of life. My nature is optimistic and, as I read the planetary stories in the deep space sky, I got alerted to the battles between good and evil. When that happens, when we see the gritty fight between Light and Dark, we can be reduced to Light or Dark. I choose Light.

The sacred beings and the human beings who inspire and teach me have imprinted that Love Always Wins. Love is not always easy, yet maybe it is. We all must find our way through the rose path into our hearts, souls, Spirits, and humanity. There are thorns on roses.

My suggestions for navigating the challenges of swimming in unconditional love this week are to use the breath, take time, intention your best, and go for it. 

To meet the deep space planets lighting your life, click here, or here, or here.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moons this week are relatively short, around two hours on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Tuesday’s Void Moon lasts 17 hours, a day-long experience for those in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Plan accordingly! Schedule vital work for other days. If you can rest, reflect, and relax on Tuesday, great. If you must apply yourself, please lower expectations regarding output and outcomes.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

Wednesday, November 23, 1:16 PM  to 3:16 PM EST

Friday, November 25, 2:22 PM to 4:18 PM EST

Sunday, November 27, 3:12 PM to 5:07 PM EST

Tuesday, November 29, 1:54 AM to 7:15 PM EST

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week at the Second Quarter Moon Phase.