Intuitive Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery combines the triad of body, mind, and spirit. Through this meditative journey, we let go of operating from the mind and open to the heart’s knowing, in sync with the quantum field within and around us. Guided Imagery combines the physical with the metaphysical, the visible with the invisible. 

Guided Imagery is a journey through the quantum field of life. Because the person is relaxed – and that is my job, to help the person reach a deeply relaxed state where she is free to wander – the heart takes over from the mind. Information is accessed through all senses and the body’s intelligence. A meditative state can result, especially when we encounter the stillness experienced within the depth of the journey. Clients report that these sessions strengthen their reliance on intuition and sovereignty within a connected cosmos.

Guided Imagery Sessions with Aureal

Since the 1980s, I have offered deep relaxation-guided imagery sessions. Journeys involving galactic astrology came in the late 1990s. With my professional study of the new 5D planets discovered since 2000, journeys to these deep space planets can now be included in guided imagery journeys.

These sessions are intuitive and not ever scripted. The guidance for the journeys comes through the client’s energetic field as we partner in this work. My intuitive access is kinesthetic, felt, even in the nonlocal space of virtual Zoom.

The journeys start with a full-body relaxation because the more relaxed a person is, the greater the access to intuitive imaginal information. People leave these sessions having a direct experience of being loved and sourced through their intuitive knowing. This felt experience of love often opens to deeper self-love and appreciation for one’s unique and sacred path, with the courage to take the next steps toward fulfillment.

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