5D Astrology Reading

Since 2000 many new planets have been discovered. These planets are in the outermost reaches of our cosmos and are known as the 5D planets. These deep space bodies help raise our consciousness of the multidimensionality of 5D.

Just as cooperation and collaboration are hallmarks of 5D for humans, so, too, these planets work together in ways astrologers have not seen before.

The astrology chart is the sky’s map at the moment of your birth. It is a living expression of your inner life about how and where you engage with life.

For new clients, the first reading includes:

  • Your Sun, Moon, Ascendant with other Cardinal points and the Moon’s Nodes – This information provides a structural orientation to life.
  • Elemental Balance: Fire/Air/Water/Earth – This information speaks to strengths and challenges.
  • Modus Operandi Balance – This information speaks to a primary mode of engagement with life.
  • The Personal and Collective Lunar Cycles – these innate energy patterns help in planning and scheduling, decreasing stress, and optimizing connection with nature.
  • The 5D planets’ locations, interactions, and meanings lie within your birth chart. Since 2000, many new planets have been discovered that raise personal potential and collective consciousness.

Existing clients who have previously had a natal chart reading with me: In these sessions, we explore your transits and progressions and how you are moving with your chart in real-time.


Not everyone is interested in learning the language of astrology. I am a translator and can work with you using the consciousness of these planetary energies free of astrological jargon. In Astro-coaching, we work with the whole of your chart in easy-to-understand and implementable ways.

A one-time reading is not for everyone because work with astrology is deep and can be complex to understand and implement. Astro-coaching is one way to take the wisdom of the stars down to an earth-grounded, activated, and integrated experience.

Get Started

Contact me with any questions, and you can schedule a 20-minute “Get to Know Each Other” Zoom call to explore the specifics of how we can work together.

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