What is 5D?

5D consciousness is a growth reward for being human. In 5D, we live by heart instead of the mind. Relaxed confidence replaces chronic stress. Kindness is the norm, and the connection is harmonious, free of comparison and competition.

As we move more into 5th dimension consciousness, the world seems to be falling apart. The evolution from 3D to 5D consciousness is quantum, and the old ways must fall apart before the new ways can fully emerge.

One of the principal supports for living 5D is to monitor your focus. We are becoming more aware that thoughts create reality. What we focus on is what shows up as our reality.

Stop for a minute to see, sense, and acknowledge the emergence of 5D consciousness breaking through 3D consciousness. Put your attention on those slivers of awakening. Shifting focus takes practice, and I am here to help as I, too, walk this path.

The Five Pillars of Access to 5D

Waxing crescent moon.

Unconditional Love

First quarter moon.

Living by Intuition

Full moon.

A New Relationship with Time

Third quarter moon.


Waning crescent moon.

Letting Go

Ways to Explore 5D Consciousness

A weekly blog, an ebook, and various options for working one-to-one or in groups are on offer. I have consciously worked this shift to the 5th Dimension since the 1960s, and I have skills, experience, and interest in helping you make this quantum leap, too. Let me know what you need, and we can go from there.