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5D: Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift

Our movement to 5D is part of cosmic evolution. Duality, divisiveness, and the fear that permeates the 3rd Dimension are no longer sustainable for life on Earth. We are being called to live at a higher vibrational frequency. This shift into the 5th Dimension is based on a cosmic unfolding that invites us, as humans, to develop the sustaining capacity for heart-based intuitive living with access to all dimensions.

Aureal’s Services

3-Session Soul Empowerment


A 3-Part Series including 5D Astrology Reading, Guided Imagery, and an Empowering Embodiment Integration Session to help with NOW.

5D Astrology Reading


Since 2000, new planets have been discovered that add to our understanding of life experience and purpose. These readings include the basics of a chart reading, along with the added information of a vastly expanded deep space perspective of the why, the how, and the possibilities available in this time of higher conscious living.

Guided Imagery Session


Intuitive Guided Imagery Sessions start with a relaxation experience. The deeper the relaxation, the deeper the access to the inner knowing. These sessions provide a direct experience of connection with Self and the Cosmos. The outcome is generally embodied empowerment and increased confidence in your inner knowing, with added skills in accessing your inner knowing.

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