Full Moon Lights Up Mystery Pieces Of The Puzzle

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Deep Space Astrology, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Vibrational Frequency

Full to New Moon Eclipse, September 29 to October 14, 2023

The Deep Space Planets Guiding Our Way These Next Two Weeks

The deep space planetary energies during these next two weeks open us to missing pieces of the puzzle of our new becoming. We are in the shake-up, breakup, explosive critical mass change that offers new consciousness, new frequencies,  and new living from the heart.

How do we sync with this possibility?

Know that now is a MBT=Major Breakthrough Time

Get your serious on:

Align with core integrity, your honest inner truth

Partner with intuition

Accept the restructuring of yourself in a new light, a new knowing

Let go of what is not working, no longer fits, and you do not want

Find and align with the new flow

Widen the experience of self-care and the direct experience of being sourced

If you would like help navigating this potent time, schedule a chat to explore consultation options.

Stations and Ingresses These Next Two Weeks

Saturday 30th September 2023                              

Elatus enters Scorpio (direct)     

Mercury leaves shadow phase (21 vi 51′ 8″)

Sunday 1st October 2023                                      

Haumea enters Scorpio (direct)                       

Monday 2nd October 2023                                   

Asbolus stations retrograde (2 cn 7’14”)         

Mors-Somnus enters Taurus (retrograde)       

Tuesday 3rd October 2023                                    

Hylonome stations direct (22 cp 17′ 6″)                      

Wednesday 4th October 2023                               

Psyche enters Sagittarius (direct)                     

Chaos stations retrograde (2 cn 29’12”)

Thursday 5th October 2023                                    

Arrokoth stations direct (21 cp 18’24”)            

Saturday 7th October 2023                                    

Venus leaves shadow phase (28 le 36’13”)   

Orius stations direct (27 cp 12’39”)                   

Sunday 8th October 2023                                      

Arawn stations direct (25 cp 44’23”)

Monday 9th October 2023                           

Venus enters Virgo (direct)                                

Amycus stations direct (28 cp 22’52”)

Wednesday 11th October 2023                              

Pluto-Charon stations direct (27 cp 53’31”)

Thursday 12th October 2023                                                      

Mars enters Scorpio (direct)      


  1. I believe that we have been on a few of the same courses at DPU, I have now completed 10 courses with Alan and am about to embark upon Salacia. With every course I felt a deepening connection and I also used the word ‘reciprocity’. In tuning into the energies of these outer entities, I have definitely felt that we are creating a conduit for communicating with other intelligent life forms or should I say ‘light’ forms…? Imagine how thrilled I was to read in your recent article

    “The burning love people describe for an intimate partner, a child, a parent, a sibling, or a friend reflects the kind of love I feel for these New Consciousness Planets. It is a living love.
    We know from science that we come from stardust. No matter the distance, the planets are our relations, maybe our former homes. There is memory, whether conscious or not and in that memory, there is vibratory resonance. My heart sings with love for these planets, who, in my experience, work with us, lighting the way. As the saying goes, “To know you is to love you.” The more I know about the New Consciousness Planets, the more I love them, and I want to shout this love from the rooftops, as one does when one finds love.” – Aureal Williams

    Another student hd posted the quarterly magazine in the student common room at DPU. Inspired by your mention of ISON, I found that it is conjunct my own N Node in Scorpio stellium in my 8th house. I have also been exploring Alex Miller’s work on black holes. Glad you are out there.

    Love, light and laughter.

    • Dear Alison,

      Yes, I remember you from class. Thank you for your lovely, kind comment on my work and the article in OPA. We are kindred spirits, in living, loving connection with these deep space beings. How wonderful!
      I hope you are considering joining the graduate gathering group of DPU; I am missing the class on Salacia and look forward to taking it next time it is offered. Looking forward to staying connected with you!
      All blessing wishes on your work.