Love in the Frequency of You

Love in the Frequency of You, Equinox, Libra Ingress, September 23, 2023

Libra Ingress, September 23 to October 23, 2023. Welcome!

The planets of new consciousness work together. Deep Space is an enlarged area; the new consciousness planets extend their boundaries in collaboration. Rather than events, these partnering planets speak of process. Highlights of some of the processes available to us during this Ingress and the start of this next season are included below.

The processes referenced in this report help us increase and maintain higher vibrational frequency. This report aims to introduce these planets in ways that allow for conscious co-creation with these living, reciprocal, vibrational beings.

The Configurations, with Descriptions

Neptune opposite Kagara square, the Galactic Center (GC)

Shaking up the delusion, clarifying the confusion. With Neptune at the end of Pisces, this aspect brings the chance to open wide to new levels of consciousness.

Neptune trine Deucalion and Ceto

Paving the new way through filtering and purifying unconscious, unprocessed demons, real and imagined.

T-Square: Pelion conjunct Mors Somnus opposite Deucalion conjunct Ceto opposite Sila Numan

Using the sleep state to process the unconscious, filter through what is dead, no longer has life, feels monstrous, and find integration through that processing. In late-degree fixed signs, this aspect has the potential to release deeply bound constrictions and fears.

Teharonhiawako trine Echeclus and Typhon

Grand water trine, late degrees. Lofty awareness of shifting change, with a deep understanding of the evil or challenges nearby. Integration of disparate parts. Discernment based on explosive breakthrough.

Lempo opposite Dziewanna and Typhon

Authenticity in valuing what/who we love. Standing up for self despite the harshest circumstances of denial and refute. Discernment based on explosive breakthrough

Dziewanna square Praamzius

It’s time to take core care of ourselves.

G!kun||’homdima opposite Huya square Thereus

Supreme Mother Love of the good heart; support. Expanding limits and sovereign expression of our rooted primal nature spiraled into actualized consciousness.

Amycus conjunct Orius and Pluto-Charon trine Mors Somnus conjunct Sedna

Pugilistic or seasoned sense of commitment to self, community, and purpose. Ancestral protection/intervention. Steadfast, with nurturance threading through transformative release/sleep. Focus is on fulfilling our highest destiny.

Amycus conjunct Orius and Pluto-Charon square Haumea conjunct Elatus trine Chaos

As above: Pugilistic, or seasoned sense of commitment Ancestral protection/intervention. Steadfast, with nurturance threading through transformation. And:  Powerfully connected to natural resources that assist us in rising above fears. Using the void and emptiness as doorways to infinite possibilities.

Mors Somnus conjunct Sedna opposite Ceto trine Crantor conjunct Damocles

Mors Somnus conjunct Sedna square Crantor conjunct Damocles opposite Silas-Nunam

Crantor conjunct Damocles trine Ceto

Through this complex combination of aspects, we release monstrous experiences of the subconscious and collective unconscious and find pathways to fulfilling our destiny.

There is an element of an unexpected event with Crantor due to it crossing the orbit of Uranus. A back story indicates a leaving home/rite of passage experience with sacrifice followed by renewed commitment. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be part of Crantor’s story. 

Damocles has an extreme inclination, giving us higher views that disrupt what we thought we knew. Damocles’ story is that he thought the grass was greener in the king’s circumstances, in contrast to his. This miscalculation caused Damocles to have the mortal danger of a sword hanging by a thread above his head.

With these aspects, we can break through stuck points that threaten us, leading to a new integration of masculine/feminine, human/nature, and past into the present.

T-Square Manwe opposite SuperGalactic Center (ZGC) square Chaos

Manwe’s mythology is as a world ruler of air and winds, with the vision perspective of an eagle. The ZGC represents the supreme void; infinity, and Chaos can open us to unlimited potential.

Asbolus square Borasisi

Asbolus invites us to stretch into the big picture, using early knowing, possibly instinct, and filtering through options. Aligning with confidence can alleviate Self-delusion and alienation of the spiritual core.

Eris square Hylonome

Powerful transformation propelled through the raw ferocity of grief.

Hylonome trine Deucalion opposite Alicanto

Access to grief expands acceptance, inclusivity, and flow. Moving past shadow. Protection for the good heart.

Albion opposite Mbabamwanawaresa

Using the core evolutionary structure of primitive power rationality, creativity, and spirituality, we find a new alignment with heaven on earth.

Aphidas conjunct Orcus square Great Attractor (GA)

With an astronomical number equaling the vibration of 9, and a close orbital relationship with Uranus (Zane Stein) and its mythology of being speared to death in a drunken stupor after violating women, and with NN at 17 Cancer and Perhelion at 17 Aquarius, Aphidas square the natural law vibration of Orcus, and the seeing beyond the veil energy of the GA takes us to new levels of loving self-care.

Grand Trine Arawn Pelion Kagara

A shakeup leads to new alignments regarding place and allows us to shine through a newly synchronized integration of wholeness.

Lempo opposite Typhon square Arrokoth

An explosive breakthrough can open the skies to a most distant view and lead to greater authenticity in valuing who we are and what we love.

Grand Cardinal square Bienor opposite Quaoar square Salacia opposite Rhiphonos conjunct Makemake

These aspects show us how to bring mystical understanding to our relationships, present a new face, pulse to a new rhythm, advance perspective/understanding, see more of the whole, stop hiding, stop bitterness, and integrate masculine and feminine. Intersecting Saturn’s orbit and with both NN and P in Aries and with mythology as a chariot driver, Rhiphonos delivers a breakthrough moment on the way to realigning and redefining presence.

Leleakuhonua opposite Logos

Open to a transformative understanding of our sky-earth connection as a living instrument for guidance—integrating our physicality with heaven and earth.

Okyrhoe conjunct Manwe opposite ZGC

As an ally of humanity, a prophetess, the daughter of Chiron and water nymph Chariklo, and aligned with the fixed star Markab in the discovery chart, Okyrhoe is associated with momentum. However, the gods were displeased with what Okyrhoe revealed in her prophecies, turning her into a mare. Manwe represents a world ruler of air and winds, with an eagle-view perspective. The ZGC helps us access infinity with a limitless potential consciousness that transcends words. With this aspect, we are invited to see beyond the views of others and our limited understanding.

Saturn conjunct Gonggong trine Rhadamthus

This aspect prompts us to loosen rigidity and formulate a new structure of empathy based on inclusive compassion.

In Closing…

Wishing you a great Libra Sol month, with amazing and profound breakthroughs, conquering demons, and opening your heart, body, Soul, and mind to the farthest reaches of kin in deep space. Thank you for your support of this work. I hope you enjoy and find benefit from it. Your support makes a difference, and I am grateful!

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