Second Quarter Moon Phase Saturday, April 9, 2:48 AM EDT to Full Moon Saturday, April 16, 2:56 PM

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On the third day of this Lunar Cycle, I woke around 1:00 AM and looked out through the bare yet budding trees onto the northwestern sky. The arcing crest of the Moon invited me to sink in and rest. I said yes. The experience was one of being cradled in unconditional love and acceptance. What I felt reflected long tide, the deep rest found in a craniosacral session, and other calming and quieting practices.

If you have experienced the sublime rest that comes through a craniosacral session, you know the cranial wave rhythm as a palpable inner experience. You know the deep, loving, gentle, internal pulse of filling up and emptying. The Moon also pulses this inner rhythm for us because our Moon and our bodies are fluidly linked. As Kimiya Healing writes, The long tide expresses through fluid in the body – most of our body is made of fluid.

If you have not had a craniosacral session, and are curious, try this: sit in a chair or lie down. Put your right hand at the level of your heart and your left hand two fingers below your navel. Take slow, deep breaths until you feel relaxed. This simple calming technique can bring your cranial rhythm into balance.

Once relaxed, put one hand on your forehead and the other at the base of your skull. Or, put your hands on the sides of your head, over your ears and temporal bones. Or lie on your left side, with your knees bent, like a fetal position. Place your left fingers on your cervical spine and your right fingers on your tailbone. With all these positionings, the pressure is as light as a feather.

These simple, self-calming techniques can bring you into stillness, where you feel the cranial wave of comfort, peace, love, and support. This self-induced calming can lead to knowing what to do next.  

The gentle rocking of the long tide is what I felt when I accepted our Moon’s invitation to rest within Her. Since that third night, the Moon has become thicker as she builds to whole Light. We have one more week to solidify budding creations during this building half of the cycle.

Please consider taking time this week to slow down and feel our Moon cradling you as you create. Feel the slow, steady building of Light and watch how the Light bursts through you and out into our world.

Our Moon rocks us in an anchored gentleness that we have long been conditioned to forget. If you want to remember, allow the Moon’s beauty to fire up your Soul. Then, feel Her rhythms within your rhythm. This can take time and requires a patient habit of pattern recognition. Track what you feel over time in connection to the Moon and Her rhythms. Connect the dots.

These are troubling times, with uncertainty, confusion, and world conditions that are impossible to fathom. Once stable circumstances of work and relationships dissolve.

Despite present-day turbulence, embodying our ever-fluctuating Moon anchors us in perpetual change. May the building Light of our Moon cradle you into peace and prosperity. Being recognized, comforted, and soothed by the Moon leads to a direct experience of being loved. The direct experience of feeling loved leads to clarity about next steps. This process starts by seeing the Moon and allowing Her to see you. We live in a bidirectional universe.

Explore how we might work together with more direct support for your specific challenges by scheduling a time to talk here at We can explore astrology in innovative ways that recognize our bidirectional relationship with the planets. For more on this, check out: Information, Intuition, Integration. For more information on the changes involved in our consciousness shift, check out 5D Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moon Times are short this week, all under three hours. Even though they are brief, they still carry a magnetic pull to sink down and in. If you are not already doing so, please consider noticing the nebulous feeling that calls for stopping to rest and look inward.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Saturday, April 9, 9:01 PM to Sunday, April 10, 12:00 AM EDT

Tuesday, April 12, 6:18 AM to 10:07 AM

Thursday, April 14, 2:11 PM to 4:46 PM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the Full Moon.