Follow your Intuition: Spring Equinox Birthing

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Living the Intuitive Life

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Following your intuition these past three months may have felt like a wild ride. Since the Great Shift that occurred with the Winter Solstice of 2012 we have been in transitional mode, similar to that of being in a birth canal.  Quickening, crowning and soon, Delivery!  The Spring Equinox, March 20 2013 is being heralded as birth time for our life in this new dimension of living light and love.

Intuitive awareness, or multidimensional knowing, has increased exponentially since the Shift of 2012 Solstice. Ways that this heightened awareness is showing up for me include:

Memory releases:  Experiences from the past bubble up spontaneously or as waking thoughts.  The memory flashes and I release.  The feeling experience is of  freedom, and it magnetizes me to Now.

Hard edge softening:  The need to know and the need to know now are supplanted by a gentle swaying of openness to infinite possibilities.  For this shift, I am using a technique I  learned years ago and had not used much since.  I use it now, with effectiveness. The technique is to ask myself before sleep and upon awakening, “How can I….” or “”Show me how to….” This soft questioning replaces a clear, stated intention of “I want….”or “I need….” with an understanding that wants and needs are met through co-active partnering between the living energy field and me. The one being questioned is the whole of one’s being, body, soul, spirit, minus rational mind!  Intuitive knowing is not accessible through the mind. Sorry! The field of questioning is the vast living energy field, where possibilities are infinite, beyond reach of the thinking mind.

Answers, directions, new pathways open with this kind of questioning.  A recent response to my questioning arrived as a waking thought.  A healer with whom I had worked four years ago came to my awareness. I had not thought, seen, heard of or from him in all of that time.  I trusted my inner guidance and took it as a sign in response to my questioning. I called him that day and am working with him again for  release of  murky shadow. Specifically, my — up till then — unconscious impulse of defendedness. This habituated, adaptive patterning was a learned response that I now choose to unlearn.  This patterning is not me, never was and I willingly, consciously release and re-pattern this pathway of defended response.  This is where mind can help — in recognizing the unconscious impulse patterning when it happens in real time. When the unconscious patterning is brought to consciousness then it can be released and the pathway re-patterned with other choices of response. Maybe humour, or taking a breath, or bringing up kindness — for self or other — from deep in the heart.


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Living Now: That great master, Eckhart Tolle, helped get us ready for living Now with his classic book, The Power of Now. He offers many tools on his website, a lot of them free, for upping one’s vibrational frequency through life in the moment.  Living in Now represents real adventure. It is exhilarating, freeing and full of potency. Try it!

I have more optimism now than I can ever remember feeling.  There is more receptivity, more buoyancy. Life is lived at a new frequency. Colours are more vibrant, relationships are more authentic. I am freer. Past and future are relegated to the margins; living in the present is the only viable option now. Knowing and trusting intuition provides a compass for life in the Now.  How are following your intuition in this Spring Time?  Share in the comments section or through my contact me form how your life is opening in this New Field.

Many blessing wishes!



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  1. this is great for help in living.i read this book definitely.also share with my friends.this is amazing way of living in spring.than ks for sharing about this book.have a great day =)