Flickers of Intuitive Knowing

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Living the Intuitive Life

There is an entrance and an exit door in the heated garage I use here in the North Country. As I was leaving the other day, a thought traipsed through my consciousness, suggesting that I go out the entrance way. I was fully conscious of this thought, yet I ignored it. I pulled out of the parking space and headed toward the exit door, only to find my way blocked by an orange cone. I had to back up, turn around and go out the in door.

I HATE when I ignore my intuition. My heart sinks that I didn’t listen, my body slumps and my awareness is in awe of the efficiency, power and love of intuition.

I have aligned my life and work with intuition because I do not like to waste time, energy or resources. Efficiency is prime life experience for me; I like to keep going forward and not have to retrace steps or redo things that I have already done. When I don’t listen, I am always taken aback, humbled. Humbled by arrogance, letting the conscious mind rule, when the super conscious mind is trying to make my life easier. I am humbled by the experience of intuitive knowing. How does it happen? How does the field around me sift information to me? How does the field around me inform me of choices that are more efficient and could make my life easier? How does walking out to my car and having the thought, go the other way, work? I have no answers for those questions. Maybe, sometime my intuition, or hard science, will tell me.


photo by Aureal Williams

Intuition, in my experience, is living awareness that consistently tries to connect with me. Without knowing the mechanics of how intuition works, the question I am left with this, is How to listen?

The example I share here was a flicker of knowing. All that I had to do was receive as credible that flicker of knowing that went against the grain of normal. All I had to do was say maybe, and turn my head in the direction of the out door and see that orange cone. I would have had a whole different visceral experience if I had done that; I would be rejoicing that I heard and heeded invisible energy that tries to support me. Instead, everything inside me sank, my heart, my physicality, my sense of attunement with the world around me.

I was already going to arrive at my destination past the start time, and this experience took another five minutes or so. It is a small matter, however, it felt devastating to me for the lost opportunity of receiving the gift of this flicking knowing. Whatever is responsible for the mechanics of intuition, the energy field around me was trying to help. In stubbornness, and with a closed mind, I resisted. My whole being felt the loss of connection to help as a result of this resistance.

We all want to be intuitively aware in times of danger; we all want to follow the nudge that says go left instead of right and we avoid physical danger by doing so. We all want to heed the intuitive nudge that prompts us to take this exit instead of that one and we later learn of a vehicular accident at the exit we avoided. We all want to heed the intuitive pull that says stop in here for a coffee and we meet the love of our life. We all want that, yes? It is the little urgings, the small flickers, the minute nudges that lead up to those bigger intuitive payoffs.

This is not the first time that I have missed a small flicker of intuitive knowing. The whole of me plunges every time that it happens. I long for the rectification of this resistance. I want to know every time that I am listening, hearing, accepting the help, the ease that is offered.

It is my experience that aligning with the cycles of nature deepen the experience of intuitive knowing. Aligning with natural cycles is not all that is involved, though, for living an intuitive life. Despite decades of aligning with natural cycles, my mind still resists; ignores, declines an intuitive flicker of knowing.

Every time one of these resistances happen, I am renewed again in my passion to listen, to not lead with mind; to be open to the sensate help that comes through the informing field around me. Listening at this level involves dissolving hubris that my mind knows. It involves opening to possibility, to maybe instead of no. It involves daily practice. It involves going past mind and opening to the entire sensate experience as receiver of information of value.

If this is a journey that you are on, too, living an intuitive life, do join in the comments section regarding your intuitive listening experiences.