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Hypnotic Waves

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The other day I saw an interesting article on time/space photography.  The image of  compressed time waves especially speaks to me as this is what life has been feeling like since I last wrote in this blog. There is movement, however, the dimensional aspect of movement has shifted. This shift changes everything: my priorities,  focus and choices. What matters now is how to stretch into expanded dimensional living.  The “how to” that I have found is to relax.

Seventeen years ago, I was teaching classes on Deep Relaxation.  In this current experience, though, relaxation is of a whole other  quality and has a different vibrational frequency.  The relaxation now is of a more complete experience as it reverberates through me on so many levels, including past, present and future. What used to be experienced as jarring events of life are now met with a calm spaciousness that is feed by Earth up through my feet, legs, root and belly, and a surrounding by an almost perceptible Field of Love and Spaciousness and guided inspirations and support of permeating Light frequencies. Please know that I have been working on this development through many past lives and certainly since I was 18 years old in this lifetime and started my being fulfillment quest.  I have been working more consciously on integrating this shift since the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987.  We are now at the culmination of that great cycle of shift and the payoffs are here.

I have accepted the challenge, invitation, and the opportunity, to live life relaxed.  Events don’t change, it is my response to them.  I am digging in deeper into the well and resources of  Animate Life rather than digging in with a willful response to life. When I say events of life, I am talking about having been robbed, doing without things that were important to me and were stolen in that robbery. I am talking about the abrupt and unforeseen ending to a beloved 12 year friendship. I am talking about penny pinching challenges in relation to the financial side of life.

Over the past months, the shift has been subtle, yet quantum.  I started out aware that I wanted to move from a negative view of life into a positive view of life.  My intimates were surprised by this shift in focus, because I had been relatively positive in my life.  There is a pattern of blaming that I admit to and there was a prevailing sense of not belonging.  In this new field, new time, the sense of belonging has been met and with it a sense of abundance and joy or positivity. I saw a home decoration piece at a local store recently and one of the slogans on the sign said “Enjoy without Complaint.”  What a concept! Resonance with that phrase freed me of a negativity that no longer fit who I am.

There are  components to this higher capacity relaxation that I currently embrace:

  • Trust in Self
  • Trust in Universe
  • Stay Present
  • Breathe
  • Smile
  • Accept
  • Listen to your body and with it needs
  • Listen to your emotions and what they need
Each moment reveals how Life invites you to relax. If you would like intuitive support for living your life relaxed, contact me. I am experienced in this relaxation response to life and may be able to help you relax.




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