Weaving the Many Parts of Us Into New Wholeness

by | Jan 21, 2023 | 5D, A New Relationship with Time, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, Void Moon

New Moon, January 21, 3:54 PM to Full Moon, February 5, 2023 1:29 PM, EST

The first two weeks of this lunar cycle help us break boundaries and barriers as we explore creativity in new ways. The creative process is spiral, not linear. To create, we must let go of how we understand and work with time. Cosmic energies from the New to Full Moon invite us to meld visible and invisible and allow the energetic environment to guide the next steps.

Use the sleep/dream state to clarify what you love. Get in touch with your fears about death as you open to what sparks you alive now. When we face fears, we can burst into our new, evolving expression of life.

Surpass a sense of duty by accessing the raw power of the life force and connect the body to the earth and resonance with the sky. Our hearts are the medium of connection between sky and earth.

Allow wrathful, Divine Feminine Warrior energy to burn off judgment and righteousness. Use supreme Mothering Love to accept and embrace your sovereignty. When motivated by the love that fuels our hearts, we move through the blockages that keep us small and hidden.

The path of being human always involves bringing the unconscious into consciousness. That process is emphasized during the generating phase of this lunar cycle. Our choices can help release cognitive dissonance as we filter disparate parts of ourselves and keep what is working.   

The planets, and our connections with them, offer big medicine for sorting through light and dark using high vibrational pruning. In these two weeks, we find value through the integration of inner and outer, masculine, feminine, human, and nature. This means we walk the path that weaves the visible with the invisible.

Work with yourself through meditation, prayer, intention, and focus to stop hiding, release bitterness, and allow for the acceptance of the most expansive possibilities of success. Explore what it takes to stop hiding. Find that connection point where what you want links with the highest good.


The planetary configurations that were reviewed for this report include the following: Albion, Alicanto, Altijira, Amycus, Aphidas, Arrokoth, Asbolus,  Bienor, Borasisi, Ceres, Ceto, Chariklo,  Chiron, Crantor, Cyllarus, Deucalion, Dziewanna,   Elatus, Gonggong, Haumea, Jupiter, Lelakuhonua, Lempo, Logos,  Makemake, Manwe, Mars,  Mbabamwanawaresa Mercury, Moon, Mors-Somnus, Neptune, Nessus, Orcus, Pholus, Pluto-Charon, Praamzius, Quoaor, Rhadamanthus, Rhiphonos,  Salacia, Saturn, Sedna, Sila-Nunam, Sun, Thereus, Typhon, Uranus, Varda, Varuna, Venus, Zhulong.

Many of these are the new 5D planets helping us actualize the rise in consciousness. Their names are included here to increase familiarity.

The 5D Point of Access this week is A New Relationship with Time. We create through flow. It is tough to flow when connected to a timepiece that attempts to control our lives.


We create A New Relationship with Time consciously. First steps are to recognize that our bodies move to a different measure than time. Body as Timer is critical for accepting the body’s wisdom over the cruelly imposed concept of the body as a machine. That false construct has us functioning through prearranged time slots, such as 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. The cosmos knows time by nature, and we can know time this way, too, by aligning fully with our inner nature. If you would like more information and support regarding how to change your relationship with Time, contact me.

These first two weeks of this lunar cycle open us to new experiences of being creative. Consider changing your relationship to time by taking off your watch. Removing the timepiece from your body is a big step in opening the inner experience of time.

A second step is to start tracking your impulses. When you feel the urge to get up and move, do so. Start listening to your body’s direction. When you feel the urge to create, pick up a pen and paper and doodle. These are baby steps, yet they help open the force within that wants to move and make.

A third step is to remove clocks from your bedroom and your computer dashboard. Hide your phone at the bedside and start asking yourself what time it is without looking at a clock.

These are simple steps, yet they may be challenging because of the embedded concept of mechanical time. It is courageous of you to attempt even one of these steps.

The more you allow yourself to create, the freer you are from false time constructs. Creating includes cleaning the house, cooking, and the full spectrum of creating what your heart sees, feels, and wants to live and express.  

Void of Course Moon Times

Most of the Void Moons in this first half of the lunar month are short, except for two of them. On Monday, Jan 23, 2023, the Void Moon spans seven hours and impacts regular business hours during the morning for those in the United States and Canada and during the afternoon and evening for those in Europe.

The other extended Void Moon time occurs on Wednesday, Feb 1. The impact here is for eight hours, affecting the entire business day in the United States and Canada and afternoon and evening hours in Europe.

The exact times are listed below. Here is a time converter to calculate the impact for where you live: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

                                             Void Begins                         Void Ends

Saturday, Jan 21,               10:53 AM to                        1:30 PM EST

Monday, Jan 23,                5:20 AM to                           12:37 PM EST

Wednesday, Jan 25,         11:12 AM to                         1:48 PM EST

Friday, Jan 27,                     4:01 PM to                            6:43 PM EST

Monday, Jan 30,                12:52 AM to                         3:35 AM EST

Wednesday, Feb 1,           6:58 AM EST to                     3:11 PM EST

Saturday, Feb 4,                 1:19 AM to                           3:49 AM EST

Blessed Be. See you next week at the Full Moon.