True to Scorpio’s Character, This Epic New Moon Powers Us

by | Nov 12, 2023 | 5D, Astrology, Consciousness, Deep Space Astrology, Letting Go, Our Moon

New Moon to Full Moon, November 13 to November 27, 2023

True to Scorpio’s character, the New Moon in a late degree of Scorpio powers us through deep unconsciousness to find our way to manifestation.

Planetary energies during the first two weeks of this lunation support:

                  Dive deep into the underworld, the unconscious, the imaginal realms

                  Let go, grieve, and intuit as we travel through the dark

                  Find the secure place of bravery

                  Leave what is done

                  Show up in the New

                  Openings, closings, shake-ups regarding power and values

                  The situation may be quite explosive

                  New discernment comes through this  breakthrough

This month’s theme is letting go of control and allowing the shake-up and reconfiguration to happen in sync with Spirit.  The following story from John Sandbach’s zodiac degree symbology for the 21st degree of Scorpio, the degree of this New Moon, reflects this process.

May you find the bravery, the support, and the Divine Will/Human Will alignment to take the flying leap that calls your name.

The following are the loving planets, not all sweetness and light, yet all loving, that work with us these next two weeks. Call their names as they call ours.

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