Touch Screens

by | May 14, 2012 | Body Wisdom

Photo Credit: Agustín Ruiz via Compfight

After seven years I changed from a Blackberry phone to the iphone and now I also have an ipad.  It is an interesting sensate experience to use touch for technology screens.

My burning question is this:  Does the light touch we use for these screens translate into a lighter touch, energetically, between humans?  Are we easier on one another, lighter, gentler?  What is your experience regarding this?

If you are using  touch screen technology then you know first hand that even the most subtle movement on the screen can send you where you hadn’t planned on going.  There is a lot of backtracking in my use; I never  intended to go the the screens that come up simply as a result of me scrolling the page.  Does this need  for gentle touch in technology translate into more conscious awareness that spoken and unspoken thoughts affect others and take them some place they might not want to go, like self-doubt or feeling judged or criticized or inadequate or lacking in some way?  Am I more aware of subtle exchanges between myself and others as a result of this touch technology?  Are you?

One piece of my work involves touch therapy, massage and craniosacral work, so I know light touch and sensitive touch and gentle touch.  Yet to use this subtle touch on a piece of communicative technology is an experience that causes me to wonder how gentle touch on a tech screen affects us as we interact  with one another.

In the 1990s I heard Deepak Chopra say at a conference something along the lines that wireless technology equates with intuition.  I see and feel and get this connection. We use no wires to communicate around the world with one another. And wireless communication is a metaphor for intuitive connection.  Now that we super sensitive touch screens, how much is light touch softening and sensitizing our interactions with one another?  I think touch technology is having a compassionate, humanizing effect, along with the globalization of access.  Through the internet, we see other folks in their humanity, around the world.  Now, we touch that humanity through our touch screen devices.  I think touch screen technology can only help us bond and blend and be gentler with one another.

What’s your take on this?