Three Prospecting Words For NOW: Mystical Connection Collaboration

by | Jan 25, 2024 | 5D, Astrology, Consciousness, Deep Space Astrology, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Letting Go, Our Moon, Sovereignty

Full Moon through to the Fourth Quarter Moon, January 25 to February 9, 2024

Mystical, Connection, and Collaboration are three words that advance us in these last two weeks of the Luna Cycle.

As I explore the deep-space planetary aspects for the last half of this Luna cycle, I am overwhelmed by the sheer power of love radiating within our cosmic connection of heart, soul, spirit, and cosmos. We are love, and we are loved.

Thinking back over the generations, from my parents’ generation of the 1920s, with its struggles of the Great Depression and the Second World War, to the opening of suburbia and consumerism at the start of my generation in the 1940s, and then the Flower Power and the Dawning of the Aquarian Age, in the 60s, to now and these new generations blessed with the capacities of invisible connectivity and expanded consciousness, it is enough to feel Wow, be humbled, and ultimately, say Yes, let’s go. Let’s continue with our evolutionary growth.

In these coming two weeks, the deep space planets invite us to live the mystery of our mystical/human, expanding consciousness experience. It is an unsurpassed invitation available to all.

The planets listed above work with us during these next two weeks to unfold and reach our potential. Specifically, in connection, collaboration, and cooperation with our cosmic kin, we are:

  • Using the pull of a most profound reach for expansion, rooted in the depths of our unconscious, to find our new alignment in sovereignty.
  • Feeling the vision of our authentic leadership, finding the support and collaboration to rise above fears with integrity and wisdom.
  • We are awakening from unconscious numbness and into awareness of compassionate choices as we open the widening invitation to live Heaven on Earth.
  • We can use the raw power of our animal nature to break through grief and unconscious content and shapeshift through potentially unsettling transformations. We can understand that these deep-space planetary energies help connect us with our root Source and sovereignty and mature our potential to live by intuition.
  • Understanding the powers and growth that can come when we connect with nature and follow the flow.
  • Supreme understanding and discernment regarding the use of The Divine Feminine in ferocious form, destroying inner tendencies that are not in support of our highest good.
  • There is a boundless opening to call on our ancestors for comfort, support, and protection as we stop the inner fight and commit to opening our hearts to new life.
  • Grounding in the powerful heartbeat of female energy in rhythmic alignment with the heartbeat of the Earth. We are accessing higher frequencies of expression and support.
  • Claiming and living from our Good Heart.
  • The eagle-height view helps us employ discernment at the precipice of wide-open new consciousness.

These deep space planets offer a gracious invitation to stand in authentic leadership and engage with a mystical understanding of the collaboration available now. Telling the truth to ourselves and others helps us fuse, unite, and include beyond regional, national, and tribal limitations.

Mining our transformation for gems helps us claim our power, authority, and leadership. Living our power despite naysayers opens us to our fullest potential.

Working with the dream and unconscious state supports our leaving the past behind as we shapeshift and time travel – read: stay open to possibilities beyond conceptual thought – and stand in our power.

It is a most auspicious last half of the Luna Cycle. May your heart know every blessing.

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