The New Luna Invitation: Forward, Fearless, Together

by | Jul 16, 2023 | 5D, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Our Moon, Sovereignty, Vibrational Frequency

New Moon to Full Moon, July 17 to August 1, 2023

The new dance between our Sun and Moon extends the ascension paths wide and inviting. We are at new levels of becoming. One image is that we have been traveling through the muck, and now birth openings emerge our new consciousness.

A Personal Sharing

Coming from the Boomer generation, I have been in the early waves of our shift into 5D. I have done, studied, and transformed much, as many of this generation have. While being open and receptive is a baseline, I have recently been astonished at the new levels of awakening. In this process, I have found Human Design (HD).

This system is a great gift to unwrap. What intrigues me about HD is that the system arrived into consciousness through an informational download to a man, over eight days, in January 1987. The Harmonic Convergence, which I have often referenced as a 5D pivotal turning point, occurred in August 1987. That was a potent year.

My resonance with HD is in its layered depth of self-knowing. Rather than suggest certain websites to explore, my encouragement is to google the words Human Design and see where your journey takes you if interested.

In my very beginning basic understanding, the system affirms and confirms my choices and path. There is joy, excitement, contentment, peace, and clarity within this finding.

So, when I say this New Moon is about becoming, that is what I mean. Whatever you are up to, it is very likely that a new beginning is appearing before you that invites you to continue your unfolding on new levels with a greater depth perspective.

I wish you the best with this unfolding and welcome your sharing in the comments or by email,

Gifts of this New Moon Cycle

The Sun and Moon at 25 Cancer begin the building phase of these first two weeks. The North and South Nodes of the Moon also change signs, reflecting a shift in focus over the next 18 months.

The North Node leaves Taurus and enters Aries, and the South Node exits Scorpio and enters Libra. The Aries/Libra axis has long been associated with the “Mystical Marriage,” Self, and Other. In this 5D leap of consciousness, the Aries/Libra axis also means integrating the mythic masculine with the mythic feminine within. We are embodying the sacred triad of integration.

As if these energies were not enough onboarding of the new reveals, Haumea/Pluto square one another at 30 Capricorn/29 Libra. Haumea conjuncts the South Node and opposes the North Node. The Sun and Moon oppose Arawn and square Eris and Elatus.  Pluto trines Sedna, as well. This last aspect is not depicted in this graphic:

These core configurations indicate that this New Luna cycle brings significant progress to our unfolding. Pluto trine Sedna extends our transformation, our becoming and unfolding, to unprecedented levels. With Pluto finishing in Capricorn and broaching Aquarius, we step up our humanitarianism and experience potent interconnections. Sedna in Gemini takes us to new levels of consciousness in this experience of Oneness. We are actually waking up.

Pluto conjunct the Centaur Orius helps us integrate flawlessly into our multidimensionality.  With Pluto and Orius squaring the nodes and Haumea, the cosmos enables us to shed, unfold, and progress our human spirituality.

The Sun and Moon opposite Arawn and square Eris and Elatus in late degrees of a Cardinal Grand Cross encourage further integration of the truth of our integrated Sovereignty.

It is a mighty time for releasing past concepts of ourselves and opening to the unfolding of who we are becoming in this quantum cosmic dimensional leap. Forward, fearless, together.

I am working on a 55+ Deep Space Kuiper Belt Objects and Galactic Points database. This database will include keywords, links to myth stories, astronomy data, and more. Please let me know, in the comments below, or by email, at if this new product interests you. Thanks!

More Configurations during the First Half of the Luna Cycle

Adding the 65 planets and points that include the KBOs, there is always a lot going on and too much to add within one blog post. Highlights of the first half, the developing and building portion of this new Luna cycle, include the following configurations. If you do not yet know the keywords for the planets, and the degrees do have significance for you, consider taking a minute to be still and ask inside for the meaning and the opportunity. Connect heart-mind with cosmos and receive.

Let me know if you would like to work with me in building your skillset with the KBO information.

17 July

Ceres (7 li 21′ 8″) square Quaoar (7 cp 21′ 8″ Rx)

Ceres (7 li 32’56”) square Bienor (7 cn 32’56”)

Jupiter (11 ta 51’35”) square Chariklo (11 aq 51’35” Rx)

Jupiter 12 Taurus trine Orcus 14 Virgo

Neptune 28 Pisces sextile Pluto 30 Capricorn

Uranus 23 Taurus square Black Lilith 22 Leo

18 July

Ceres (7 li 55’25”) conjunct Makemake (7 li 55’25”)

 Sun/Moon  (25 cn 15’28”) square Eris (25 ar 15’28”)

Thereus (13 vi 40’28”) conjunct Orcus (13 vi 40’28”)

19 July

Sun (26 cn 48′ 9″) square Elatus (26 li 48′ 9″)

Sun (26 cn 55’12”) opposite Arawn (26 cp 55’12” Rx)

21 July

Sun (28 cn 57’25”) square Haumea (28 li 57’25”)

22 July

Sun (29 cn 7’34”) opposite Pluto-Charon (29 cp 7’34” Rx)

Sun (29 cn 15’13”) opposite Orius (29 cp 15’13” Rx)  and Orius conjunct Pluto

Jupiter (12 ta 37′ 1″) trine Aphidas (12 vi 37′ 1″)

23 July

Ceres (9 li 37′ 0″) conjunct Logos (9 li 37′ 0″)

Jupiter (12 ta 39′ 6″) opposite Mbabamwanawaresa (12 sc 39′ 6″ Rx)

24 July

Ceres (9 li 53’19”) opposite Salacia (9 ar 53’19” Rx)

Mercury (22 le 50’17”) conjunct Praamzius (22 le 50’17”)

26 July  and New Year in Mayan Calendar

Sun (3 le 39’53”) conjunct Cyllarus (3 le 39’53”)

Thereus (14 vi 17’13”) square Great Attractor (14 sa 17’13”)

28 July

Pluto-Charon (28 cp 58’56” Rx) square Haumea (28 li 58’56”)

Ceres (11 li 19’35”) trine Chariklo (11 aq 19’35” Rx)

29 July

Pluto-Charon (28 cp 56’42” Rx) conjunct Orius (28 cp 56’42” Rx)

30 July

Sun (7 le 9’18”) conjunct Varuna (7 le 9’18”)

Planetary Stations During the first two weeks of this Luna Cycle:

Tuesday, July  Zhulong stations direct (7 sc 36’28”)       

Tuesday, July 18  Rhadamanthus stations direct (4 sc 14’30”)

Friday, July 21 Eris stations retrograde (25 ar 15’34”)    

Sunday, July 23, Venus stations retrograde (28 le 36’12”)

Sunday, July 23, Chiron stations retrograde (19 ar 57’48”)

Wednesday, July 26, Mbabamwanawaresa stations direct (12 sc 39′ 0″)

Sunday, July 30 Typhon stations direct (20 sc 1’51”)