The Cosmos’s Spectacular Support of Us Becoming New

by | Mar 21, 2023 | 5D, Deep Space Astrology, Our Moon

Aries New Moon to Full Moon March 21 to April 5 2023

The Sun began its new year with its ingress into the sign of Aries on March 20, and the Sun and Moon started a new cycle at the first degree of Aries on March 21, 2023. With the planetary sign changes of Pluto going into Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces, now is the break ground moment. These simultaneous events come through a Cosmos that spectacularly supports us in becoming new.

This new beginning can release us from stagnation and open us to the potency of our divine and creative power.

For a while, I have been writing about the change in identity we are all undergoing. For me, a facet of this identity shift has come surprisingly – making the switch from geocentric to heliocentric coordinates in my work with astrology.

An opportunity, for now, is to decompress the second chakra.

Acclimating to this new identity where the Sun has equal representation in my life as the Moon has had, has been disorienting. Some readers may remember Donna Cunningham’s book, Lunar Living in a Solar World, written in 1996. For many of us, the Moon was our access to life. We are/were not aggressive to the point of ego dominance. We were and are softer, gentler, and more inclusive.

That paradigm of imbalanced duality is shifting. In this quantum leap of 5D/New Earth consciousness, the Sun is ours, too. We can claim our identity as Solar Beings, and, for those inclined, we can look at astrology from the Solar perspective. The heliocentric view is primarily aligned with deep space astrology, which, as you know, has captured my attention.

Acclimating to the multidimensionality of Solar/Lunar living, heliocentric/geocentric, and  3D/5D living is tumultuous. Needing to center, I laid down to rest, smooth ruffled feathers, and meditated.

That meditation showed me that whether we use geocentric or heliocentric coordinates or look at personal and transpersonal planets, or deep space planets, an opportunity, for now, is the same: decompress the second chakra.

My writings over the past months have been about claiming what lights us up, what aligns our power and authority, and that it is time to make choices and move from undecisive, teeter-totter living.

One action that can help is to expand the Second Chakra from its culturally conditioned compression. We can open to what interests, excites, and sparks us. We can claim our choices. We can claim our sensuality, our sexuality, and our release of everything (and everyone) who keeps us stuck and stagnant.

If the energy is in the stars, it is also in our bodies. (As above, so below.) The time is now to open, expand, enjoy, and feel. It is a new beginning! Consider doing a google search on Second Charka, Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana. The colour is orange, like the Sun.

Decompressing the second chakra, we bring more alignment into our lumbar and sacral spine; we open the reproductive organs (creativity, sensate living), kidneys (release from fear), and bladder (release of toxins and the capacity to stand our ground.)

During this first half of the lunar month, the building phase, consider checking in with your second chakra to see if it can benefit from having more space. On the physical level, consider opening up that space by flexing your hips as you walk – take long strides. Dance joyfully. Consider relaxing and opening your lumbar and sacral spine, perhaps through yoga. On the emotional level, consider opening to joy as a guiding light in your life.

Along with joy comes owning preferences and power. Like the beautiful spring flowers breaking ground (in the Northern Hemisphere), we are breaking ground to new life, co-inspired by a cosmos that invites us forward into our newness.

If you would like support in breaking through your new ground, schedule a chat here to explore ways we can work together on your behalf.