Guest Podcasting Testimonials

1 Sep 2022
A beautiful, loving and WISE soul lays within the amazing package that is Aureal. She is a divine pleasure to converse with and enlightens every moment she is a part of. What a JOY!


Client Testimonials

I gained a lot of new information about myself. She introduced me to new astrological characters that I wasn’t cognitively aware of. This introduced deeper dimensions into who I am as a part of this universe and insights into how to connect with this energy in order to do my best to bring it into humble healthy expression in this Earthly material realm where there will be areas to work through but the journey will be worth it. This reinforced for me that it really isn’t about the destination, it is the winding journey where the transformation/alchemy occurs. Aureal guided me beautifully.

What worked for me was the different approaches Aureal used in this package. We spent time intellectually getting to know the 5D archetypes, then through meditation with identification as to what message my body was giving me. The time between the sessions was useful because I was able to research, connect and meditate with these energies to establish a personal relationship with them on my own. I feel like the overall experience was much richer due to this multi-faceted approach to the integration of these celestial friends. I also appreciated that Aureal gave a brief introduction to the points that she noticed and then allowed me to choose which few I wanted to focus on.

I really liked the varied focus of each session. I also liked how they built upon each other.

The work is exactly what is needed in this world today. Aureal is very effective in this work and I highly recommend her to anyone ready to step into a deeper, healthier way of being/sharing oneself in both the inner and outer worlds.

Emily Shohouk

Though Aureal Williams’ cosmic meditation lasted about 45 minutes, it has affected me deeply ever since. She led participants into a visualization with both wondrous detail and vast openness for personal creation. Aureal’s words took my spirit to a profound place of peace. It is more than that, though. Never have I heard such a richly described exploration in all my life. And I have traveled in meditation circles for over 40 years.

At least four times, I was privileged to partake in these visualizations. None of them were exactly the same.

It has been three years since Aureal first did one of her visualizations. Every night since then, I have used the remembered parts as I have merged into sleep. Though I started by re-imagining her version, the original description of exploring outer and inner space has morphed into other realms. Without her magnificent cosmic visualizations, I never would have had the benefit then or now. Truly, I am grateful.

Marifran Korb

Have you always wanted to know more about yourself and go boldly where you have never gone before? Then let Aureal guide you through a Deep Space intuitive Journey. Her generous and empowering energy helps you find the connection between the world, as you know it today, and the world you will come to know. This journey transported me, through spiritual energy, to places my body cannot go. Go into the experience with an open mind, an open heart, and willingness to say yes. If you do that, there is much you will learn.

Matthew David Gellin | Executive Artistic Director & CEO, American Legacy Theatre

I gained info about my Birth Chart and planets, etc that I was totally unaware of!  I gained alot of confirmation and affirmation about myself that I believed to be true, yet others did not throughout my life!  I gained a boldness to move forward being confident and secure in who I am and the gifts I’m here to offer!

Aureal’s  patience and encouragement worked the best for me encountering all this for the first time! Aureal is very knowledgeable and loves what she does!  She’s easy and comfortable to work with.

-Karen Hartke

Aureal’s workshop and guided meditation was excellent. It began with group introductions and went easily into a deep guided relaxation followed by galactic journeying. I felt especially fortunate during the meditation to get a direct answer to a question I had. If you want to explore the galaxy this is a great place to start!


Aureal read my natal chart, and she professionally, carefully, and kindly explained my planetary alignments in a way I could grasp the meanings and relevance me. No easy feat, considering I know so little about astrology and how it affects my personality and life. I felt a high level of comfort with Aureal and her explanations. Most intriguing to me was her revealing of possible blind spots and the ensuing invitation for me to delve deeper into still-hidden aspects of my personal power. With my openness to hearing, Aureal was able to give me meaningful insights that resonated with me and opened up new opportunities for me. Thank you, Aureal!

Francisca de Zwager

Joyful Business SOLUTIONS

Abundant gratitude, Aureal. I feel elated by the reading!


The reading, where we talked about energies and no astrology jargon, as I requested, provided the missing pieces and the spark I needed. Thank you!