Taking a Flying Leap Into the New You

by | Nov 30, 2022 | 5D, Deep Space Astrology, Our Moon, Void Moon

Second Quarter, November 30, 9:37 AM to Full Moon December 7, 11:09 PM EST.

Moon Phase

The second week of a lunar cycle is the most productive because we are blossoming into a fully lit Moon. The productive work during this second week, though, is deeply internal.

It is not so much that what we produce will break ground; it is more an internal readiness, signaling to the cosmos that we take steps that say YES, it is Go Time!

Ready for an experiment? If yes, please read through the names of the planets listed below. These are the planets involved in the story of this post. Notice which planets spark recognition, even if you know nothing about the planet.

In the 5th Dimension, we live energetically, in contrast to living by thought. Part of the change in these times is to develop trust in feeling and inner-knowing what matches us.

The short version of the energies of this week seems to be that we are going deep to retrieve long-forgotten and now essential parts of ourselves. Since we are going deep and organic, wildness may be involved – unfettered search and release.

In an interconnected universe, we connect with the planets, and they connect with us. So, if you are willing, review this list, notice which planets call to you, and then do the same for the following bullet points. Over this week, you can energetically connect with those planets and request information specifically for you. Look to the How To section below for more details.

Here are this week’s planets:

Albion, Alicanto, Altjira, Aphidas, Arawn, Arrokoth, Asbolus, Ceres, Ceto, Chaos, Chariklo, Crantor,  Damocles, Deucalion,  Elatus, Eris, G!kun|’homdima,  Haumea, Huya, Hylonome, Jupiter, Lempo, Leleakuhonua, Lilith, Logos, Mars, Manwe, Mbabamwanawaresa, Mercury, Moon, Mors-Somnus, Nessus, North Node,  Okyrhoe, Orcus, Orius, Pelion,  Pholus, Pluto-Charon, Praamzius, Quaoar, Salacia, Sila-Nunam, Rhadamanthus, Rhiphonos, Salacia, Saturn, Sun, Varda, Varuna, Venus, Teharonhiawako, Terpsichore, Thereus, Uranus,  Zhulong 

We are in this together, and you can connect with me, and I will help connect all those interested in joining together. Watch for an upcoming announcement.  

Many points of action or reflection exist because of the number of planets involved. The sky is a happening place! The points are:

Release conceptual thought; go with heart and emotional resonance

Live by integrity, tell the truth to self and others

Breakthrough the tension of moral rigidity and progressive openness

Release inhibitions that keep you bitter and unfulfilled

Mine the collective unconscious to free constrictions that bind your potential

Use everything – signs, symbols, intuitions, inspirations, imaginations, to break through what no longer works

Allow for the contrast of opposing thoughts as you find your center

Make space for a breakthrough

Clear debris and confusion that cover up your creative passions

Feel the drumbeat that aligns your raw energy with action

Dive deep to find your pure heart and willing voice

There may be a sudden loss. Consider staying in the flow by breathing through fear

Counterbalance grief with creative expression

Discern and choose who and what is worthy of your trust. Prevent yourself from being blindsided.

Choose wisely between comfort and curiosity. Maintain eagle flight vision as you lean over the edge to look at what you do not know.

Withstand storms and turbulence by using gentle, firm self-mothering

Pace yourself, yet guard against laziness

Allow simple, stable self-care measures to anchor you during times of not knowing

Expect the unexpected, welcome surprise

If extremes show up, breathe through them as you would during an extreme weather event

Make use of the dawn this week to connect with your dawning light

If you choose, affirm that your will aligns with Divine Will.  

Stay grounded with your heart open

Go for the experience of Oneness

Please comment or send an email to share your experiences and ask questions.

5D, Here, Now

The point of access to 5D consciousness this week is Letting Go. We are releasing eons of patterning that restrict our freedom and current potential. This is deep, deep work. Unprecedented frontier crossing. It is not easy. For many, perhaps you, there is no other choice than to do the work and allow for the progress of your new life.

How To

Yes, the work is profound. We can be gentle with the process while fully engaging with it. We do this by having a heart-to-heart within that we will not abandon ourselves. We can affirm that we choose the transformation of who and what we were into new possibilities. We are in this together, and you can connect with me, and I will help connect all those interested in joining together. Watch for an upcoming announcement.  

For connecting with the planets:

Acknowledge connection

Call the planet’s name and ask for what you want, such as a better understanding of a specific challenge.

Watch and wait for information that can come, like dream messages and data, to be translated from imaginal to practical. Trust that you are the translator. You can do this, or you would not be reading this content. There is an affinity.

Give gratitude to the planets helping you and gratitude to yourself as you implement and dance with the new knowing.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moons this week are short, a few hours on Thursday and Tuesday, and a six-hour Void Moon that occurs during night hours for those in the United States and Canada and in the morning hours on Sunday for those in Europe. The exact times are listed below.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

Thursday, December 1, 9:45 PM  to 11:42 PM EST

Sunday, December 4, 12:47 AM to 6:39 AM EST

Tuesday, December 6, 2:03 PM to 3:49 PM EST

Here is a time converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html

Blessed Be. See you next week at the Full Moon Phase.


  1. Hi Aureal,
    Thank you.
    As always I enjoy your knowledge and Wisdom.
    The one planet that jumps out for me out of that gigantic list, is Huya. Guess I’ll have to read more about it and probably consult you for more information.
    Much appreciation,

    • Oh dear Monica, that is wonderful! Trust the magic and the life within your connection with Huya. It feels like it is time to gather a circle together and I am posting about that soon. We can learn and share and grow with one another. Much love and appreciation to and for you, too.