by | Jul 20, 2011 | 5D

Suddenly, without any warning, at any time or place, with no apparent cause, it can happen. Ken Wilber, No Boundary


Am I ready?  Like everyone else, longings I hold in my heart are with me always.

I want to live in Duluth, near Lake Superior, in another state from mine.  I want a life fulfilled, time for walks on the shore of the Lake, time to work art, time to write and do intuitive work with clients. As Ken Wilber says, I know that these fulfillments can happen in any moment and without warning. Am I ready to receive them?  Or am I stuck in past adaptations that keep me from receiving them?


Right now, we are in an age-turning time.  We not only had the new century, we also had a new age, the turning of a Great Year of 26,000 years.  Everything is changing.  There is less hierarchy and more equality.  You might argue this point, however, consider how grassroots movements have changed everything from healthcare to politics to technology to relationships over the past 40 years or so.


We live in new ways now and one of the most significant changes is that we use our body, our senses, our intuition for knowing.  We feel things through rather than think things through.  In the former paradigm, mind was paramount, and with that, duality and hierarchy.


In this new time, there are no rules and the guidebook is our internal connection with nature. Blockage comes when we continue to respond to life’s choices from conditioned adaptations of closed thinking,  blocked feeling,  false knowing — ignoring.  The kind of  “willful blindness” that is in the media news now.


Being present means leaving these adaptations behind. Its hard work because over  two thousand years, restrictive adaptations have become ingrained. It takes courage to be present, free of former conditioning.  It takes courage to own what we feel, want, desire. It takes courage to be okay with that and know that we would not want it if it didn’t belong to us — magnetism attracts  so what magnetizes us, what interests us, does have an organic, connecting source within us.


Everyone has his or her own starting point for being present, for leaving the past behind.  I want to be ready for that Suddenly fulfillment.  I want to grasp it, grab it, say Yes to it. Use it and go on to the next desiring, wanting, needing.


What do you long for, and how are you open to suddenly receiving what you want?