Stubbornness v. Intuition

by | Aug 1, 2011 | Living the Intuitive Life

Last week, I bought a two-dollar scratch off lottery ticket. A friend I know told me that her boyfriend won $5000 with a scratch off ticket, so I thought I would give it a try. I scratched off the letters and looked at the words I was to match and saw no matches on that ticket. Before I threw the ticket away, my intuition nudged me to take the ticket to the store and put it under one of the scanners to see if it was a winning ticket. I said to myself, silently, “Why bother. There are no matches,” and I threw that ticket into the recycle bin, long picked up by now.


The other day I bought another scratch off ticket and when I scratched the letters off this time, I saw there was whole other row of letters that I missed on the first ticket. I did not realize the ticket’s letters went up that high. They were under a headline, and I thought that the ticket’s scratch off letters were below that.


My intuition tried to tell me something with that first ticket and in closed-minded stubbornness, I ignored it. I will not ever know if that first ticket was a winning ticket or not, and I need to let go of what might have been.


In another experience, I put a jacket on top of a lunch bag, instead of putting the jacket in another bag that I was using to carry papers and books. My intuition told me to put the jacket in the papers and book bag, and I thought, “No, it will get more wrinkled that way.” When I got to my destination, the jacket was stained from something that spilled on it from the lunch bag. Now I have the extra burden of having to remove that stain, when I could have listened instead to my intuition.


In most life circumstances, intuition does not scream. Intuition communicates with a gentle nudge, a quiet prompt in another direction, another choice. Stubbornness gets in the way. The mind thinks that it knows, that it is right and there is only one way, its way. Intuition has access to a larger field of information sourcing than the mind. How it works, I do not know, however, intuition does pick up information from the field that the mind is limited in accessing.


Intuition requires fluidity, an acknowledgment of “maybe” and a willingness to say, “okay, let’s see.” The stubbornness of resisting intuition is hard-edged and it hurts and wastes time and resources.


There are thousands of times, in small and large matters, when I have yielded to intuition and was met with Yes! It is the times when I resist that stab me and I am reminded of a quote from Lao Tzu, “So to yield to Life is to solve the unsolvable.”


Intuition is a vital part of life; it is an unseen energy that helps us know and choose wisely, in energy efficient ways. If only to acknowledge and yield to intuition, free of obstinate rigidity and stubbornness.