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by | Aug 23, 2016 | Living the Intuitive Life


We are under the influence of three eclipses now, the recent Lunar Eclipse of August 18 and the upcoming Solar Eclipse on September 1 and the Lunar Eclipse on September 16.

This last eclipse on August 18 was a direct connection with the degree and sign of my Sun, in my natal birth chart. A very special event which felt to me like a birthday.  In mediation that day I explored the meaning of eclipses and what came through is that eclipses offer a fusion of masculine and feminine energies; a chance to reconfigure and integrate the active and receptive parts of our being.

In honour of this Eclipse Season and because of the intensity of the times we live in now, I offer a special on my Claircognizant Intuitive Sessions. The regular fee for these sessions is $65.00 an hour; the special offer is $50.00 an hour and this offer applies to sessions booked from August 23 to September 17, 2016. On September 18, the fee reverts back to $65.00 an hour.  You do not have to have the session prior to September 17, however, the session does have to be booked prior to that date.

Why have an Intuitive Session?

In these sessions, I reflect on what I hear, see and feel as we connect together. One benefit of these sessions is that you receive reflections on what you are expressing that might not be in full consciousness for you yet. The sessions are interactive, where you share, ask questions, make comments and together we review what is revealed from the subtle levels.

What a session with me is like

These sessions are done on the phone and we begin with you sharing the focus of the session.  There is quiet time as I check in, intuitively. I then share what is revealed through my felt experience; my channel of work is claircognizant, a knowing that is sensed through felt experience. I am kind, sensitive and considerate and have been working on this level for four decades.

It is likely that memories or insights will surface for you and we will process these as part of the session. I often ask how you are feeling during the work and where in your body you sense openings or constrictions and we gently process those, too.

We close with any questions that you have and with any suggestions for continuing or follow-up work.  Many clients with whom I work in this way prefer on-going sessions, once a month or so, as the process of exploring inside with an experienced guide and companion can be comforting and powerful.

As an extra bonus for those who book a session during this special offer and wish to continue with ongoing sessions, the special offer fee of $50.00 will continue for six months, the usual effect time of an eclipse! The six months will start from the date of the booked session.

Why work with an intuitive now?

We are living in unprecedented times with this quantum shift from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. Currently, we are in a time of 3 Eclipses, portal openings to shifts, reconfigurations and fusions of highest potential. Everything around us seems stirred up, chaotic and changing.

Those of us on a spiritual path are challenged to ignore the chaos at the collective level – the worldwide violence, the political scene, and the apparent poor judgement behavior in sports and cultural leaders. The anchor we have is our own inner knowing, our own inner truth, despite what is going on around us.

I am convinced that we are our own healers and teachers. It does benefit us, from time to time, to appoint helpers. The assistance I offer is as someone who is walking this path of constant change through unknown territory and years of experience with active, kind listening and the learned and acquired skills in repeating back to you what I hear, see and feel as we meet together in the intimate state of the heart.

If you, or someone you care about, has interest and use for this special offer, email me your preferred dates and times for this session, please offer two or three times, and I will confirm back to you with a PayPal button to purchase the session and with the number to call at the time and date of the session.

May you be well and happy in this time of the Great Shift!

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