Solar Eclipse: Birthing Ourselves New

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New Moon Eclipse 19 April, 2023

The last New Moon on March 21, 2023, occurred at 0 degrees Aries. This New Moon Eclipse occurs at 30 Aries. We have had a lunar month to work on our I AM Presence, our sense of belonging in the world. With this eclipse, we bring that new foundation – whether you feel it is conscious yet or not – into more than a new cycle, into a whole new book.

Eclipses are portals, new beginnings with seeding that lasts at least six months. We are newly empowered, and this eclipse brings new light to a sublime union of Sun/Moon, masculine/feminine, active/receptive. We are seen and are seeing with a whole new horizon.

The location of the Sun and Moon with this eclipse, 30 Aries, forms a complex configuration with other planets, including Trans-Neptunians and Centaurs. At the last degree of Aries, the energies of the Sun and Moon with this eclipse are about releasing fear[i] and being seen. Standing in our I AM wealth.

Arawn, a Plutino, is a Welsh god of the otherworld, underworld, or undersea. As an underworld god, he relates to Pluto. Before Christianity demonized his mythology, Arawn ruled a paradise, and he is associated with magic, shapeshifting, hunting, and the ability to resist temptation.[ii]

Currently, Pluto and Arawn are conjunct, with Pluto at 1 degree Aquarius and Arawn at 29 Capricorn. As an echo of Pluto, highly transformative, death to rebirth, bringing up new life from the deep, Arawn and Pluto squaring this eclipse suggest that we can mine hidden treasures, deep from the unconscious. Remember, the eclipse has a potency of six months!

Haumea and Elatus are directly opposite the Sun/Moon eclipse point. Haumea, a Trans Neptunian object, is at 1 Scorpio, and Elatus, a Centaur, is at 30 Libra. Haumea is a Hawaiian Earth Mother goddess, regarded as a Mother of the Hawaiian people and mother of the powerful goddess Pele. Haumea is a goddess of childbirth, so she is, with her might, helping us birth the new.

Benjamin Adamah writes that the energy of Elatus brings up feelings of worthiness or readiness.[iii] Combined with the birthing powers of Haumea, and opposite the occluding light of the eclipse, here, we are encouraged to stop hiding and bring forth our light and power.   

Closing out this grand cross configuration, where four sets of planets oppose and square one another, we have Cyllarus, another Centaur, at 2 degrees of Leo. Cyllarus is a Centaur known for love, along the lines of Romeo and Juliet’s story. There can be an element of loss here, of letting go. The orbit of Cyllarus intersects the orbit of both Uranus and Neptune, so there are elements of sudden change, bringing in the unexpected and echoing the theme of bringing up awareness from the mystical deep.

To put this whole story together, of Sun/Moon in a solar eclipse, opposite Elatus and Haumea, and squaring Pluto-Chiron, Arawn, and Cyllarus, we have the circumstances to birth ourselves new. The words that come as work with these energies is Flood gates open.”

It is time. We have been waiting, honing, imagining, perfecting, and now is the time to reveal all we have been evolving. Bring yourself forward in this New Moon Solar eclipse. We are all in this together, going forward with fresh days.

The first two weeks of each lunar month are the most productive, the second week in particular. For this lunation, that is from April 27th to May 5. We transition to a Full Moon then, with a Lunar eclipse at 15 Taurus/Scorpio, where we touch the midpoint of the Galactic Center and the SuperGalactic Center (Philip Sedgwick). Sky wide open. Heart wide open. Eyes wide open.

May we use these two weeks to be our new selves and prepare for continued expansion.

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[i] This from the fabulous work of John Sandbach on degree symbology for 30 Aries

[ii] Wright, Gregory, Arawn, Mythopedia, November 29, 2022

[iii] Adamah, Benjamin, Centaurs, Damocloids, Scattered Disc Objects, VAMzzz Publishing, The Netherlands, 2019, pp 42-44.


  1. Thank you, Aureal, for highlighting the amazing planetary support available to us as we go through these evolutionary shifts.

    • Dear Marian, thank you for these kind words. Yes, the Kuiper Belt Objects are helping us tremendously. Heart energy, higher consciousness, LOVE!