Serendipity in contrast to Synchronicity

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Living the Intuitive Life


Photo by Aureal Williams

In the personal dark moon, the gravitational pull to rest is strong and counter balances habituated conditioning to keep going. I have just transitioned through my personal dark Moon and in that time, a three day period, I relaxed into exploring what intrigues me.

What intrigues me is often fed by the inclusive content of Sharon-Ann Riley’s New Earth Library blog. Here, she rounds up the latest postings from people actively working with the frequency shift into the 5th Dimension.

One of the listings on Sharon’s blog on Sunday, January 3, 2016 included a posting titled Quantum Flub, Cold Coming. The words “cold coming” caught my eye because I live in a cold climate and despite it being winter, I would like to stay warm. The link brought me to a youtube video of a daily space weather report posted by Suspicious Observers. As I viewed this first video I was intrigued by the mention within it of the vacuum catastrophe, and I watched a referenced video on this subject, also by Suspicious Observers. After watching that second video, youtube automatically followed up with another vacuum catastrophe video posted by John Ten and covering a portion of a lecture by the renown physicist, Nassim Haramein. This is the video to which I draw your attention.

What strikes me in Nassim Haramein’s Vacuum Catastrophe video is when he says that the understanding of “creating your own reality” is missing a feedback loop. In his words, yes, we do create our own reality and, he adds, reality also creates us. This missing feedback loop of reality creating us occurs through an exchange; what we are feeding the field is met with what the field is feeding back to us, basically, consensus reality. Morphic field involves unified systems, like cells and organs organizing into the human body as one example, and the consensual reality of a group, as another example. A definition of morphic field can be found here.

The mention of morphic field and consensual reality captured my attention because in a class on abundance that I took some years ago, one of the techniques that the teacher generously shared with us is to connect with the morphic field when we want to materialize or manifest something. For instance, if you wish to be a great artist, connect with the great artists in your field who have gone before you and have achieved success. One example of how to do this is to consciously connect with the people who have excelled in your field, living or deceased, and say something like: “As I embark on this endeavor, I call on all the masters who have gone before, — it would help to name them specifically — I join this morphic field. This is not to say that you are a master artist yourself, simply that you are joining, energetically, the community of people who have mastered what you want to do.

You can explore other ways to activate your conscious connection with morphic fields to better engage in the feedback loop of what you are putting into the field and what you are getting back from consensual reality. I imagine that this process takes practice and a playful, stress-free approach.

Apparently, there is potency in joining the energetic, vibrational, frequency field of success or health or wealth or what ever it is you wish to materialize. For instance, someone wishing for better health might connect with the morphic field of all of those who live with full health and happiness. Or if you want to connect with wealth, perhaps you might invoke the morphic field of those who are wealthy and with kind heart and awake consciousness.

Energy knows no bounds, there are no distinctions in time or space; connecting with the morphic field of those who have had success in the endeavors you wish to pursue might be the missing feedback loop, as Nassim Haramein suggests, in living the life that you want for yourself. What working with the morphic field suggests to me is a 5 Dimension way of living because it connects and it harmonizes.

The title of this post is Serendipity in contrast to Synchronicity and it is this train of thought that prompted me to write about this this experience. In my Personal Dark Moon phase, relaxed and reflecting, I found information that felt like a serendipitous gift. This finding opened my consciousness to the experience of a positive feedback loop with the Cosmos. Yes, I could say that this was a synchronous finding and I often write about synchronicity which is a matter of cohesive timing, an intersection. Finding out about the vacuum catastrophe, with its reminder of the power of the morphic field feels different than a synchronous event; it feels serendipitous. Serendipity feels like a treat.

How has serendipity connected with you lately?