Self-Confidence Meets Unconditional Self-Love, Shining Solid StarLight

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Fourth Quarter Moon, August 19, 2022, 12:37 AM, to New Moon, Saturday, August 27, 2022, 4:17 AM EDT

Moon Phase

We will likely feel the need for alignment between our confidence level and authentic self-expression this week. Like last week, it may be hard to get to the feeling state, as the week’s cosmic energies enhance solidity and steadfastness. We could present as rigid. Indeed, there is a determination to self-express in unity with our destiny.

There can be surprises this week. Please connect with the wisdom that walks with you in the dark and goes beyond the mind or ego. Feel the need underneath any tendency to be stubborn, obstinate, or to be correct. Tend to those needs as you would tend to an infant.

Any tenacity you may feel this week relates to sorting through what no longer works and what might work. The mind cannot know the new emergence of you. Your heart can and does know your new emergence, even if it is still in a formless state.

Since this is the end of a lunar cycle, you might enjoy naps, long walks in the park, reading for pleasure, or exercising to release stagnant energy. Please consider removing fear and doubt, even though the path forward might not be lit. Trust that you, like our flowing Moon, are emptying. We go with the Moon into the deep dark so that freer, more faithful expressions of ourselves emerge with the light of the New Moon.

5D Here, Now

Each blog post starts with an exploration of the energies of the lunar phase and then moves into how the work of the lunar week connects to our quantum shift into the 5th Dimension consciousness.

As is stated on my website, there are Five Pillars of Access to 5D. This lunar week’s work connects us to the Unconditional Love Pillar of Access. In 5th Dimension consciousness, we move from competition and us/them consciousness into unified harmony and unrestricted inclusivity.

We start the work of unconditional love within ourselves. This lunar week provides the perfect opportunity to embrace that focus. While the tensions might feel fraught this week, first with the deepening darkness and then with cosmic configurations that support the release of what no longer works, we transmute into lighter, brighter, freer, more genuine versions of us. This takes love.


In a society that browbeats us into a false sense of perfection, into encouraging the denial and coverup of faults and blemishes, that frowns on legitimate expressions of anger or frustration, we are hard-pressed to find a safe space to love ourselves unconditionally.

This week, though, invites practice for unconditional love for self. While the energetic work this week may feel intense, it is also a perfect time to cut the pressure, to stop browbeating, to stop denying what is working and what we want more of, and that we are well on our way to establishing.

Every single one of us has made mistakes, sometimes serious mistakes. Now is the time for self-forgiveness, perhaps through the option of seeing everything as a learning experience, even abject failures. This week is a time to embrace your tender, unique self and inherent core beauty. Pick a quality, a unique feature of you that expresses you in your fullness. Start with one quality and add more that you are from there.

This week is a time to acknowledge those qualities and to affirm that you did the best you could at any given time. You can recognize that you might have done things differently with different information or circumstances, yet you did the best you could with the information available at the time.

Please consider practicing unconditional self-love this week if you feel called to do so. When self-judgment, self-condemnation, or self-recrimination tendencies pop up, consider taking a breath, maybe even laugh, and say something like, wait a minute, you – I have got this. Now we travel the path of self-love, self-reverence, and positive self-regard.

This lunar week we can build the capacity for unconditional self-love. We progress when we love ourselves unconditionally. Of course, we will be accountable, as we appreciate that every experience offers learning and that learning helps us grow.

There is nothing shameful in realizing a learning moment. Please consider taking a minute to imagine a world where unconditional self-love is the norm. Not narcissism or exclusivity; instead, sincere regard for your beauty, wisdom, gifts, and power.

Please let me know how your learning curve goes in the comments or an email.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

There are four Void Moon times during the last week of this Lunar Cycle. The first three are relatively short and only impact regular business hours for those living in Europe during the afternoon hours on Wednesday, August 24. See exact times below, along with a time converter link.

The fourth Void Moon time this week, though, affects everyone everywhere because it is 17.5 hours in duration. This low energy impact comes from two cosmic sources, the Void Moon and the Dark of the Moon phase.

The extended Void Moon occurs on Friday, August 26, which is the day of the darkest dark of the Moon. The New Moon occurs on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Please consider adjusting your schedule for that day to allow for internal time, rest, reflection, and deep relaxation. Access to intuition is likely to be especially strong this day if we will enable the space to feel and hear it. If you must show up for meetings and attempt to produce, please be gentle with yourself and know that you are a cosmic being in a dynamically interactive universe. The red lights are flashing.

As discussed in the upcoming workbook on A New Relationship with Time, the Dark of the Moon times and the Void Moon times offer prime opportunities for work on the inner level. Remember, doing nothing, being in stillness, and silence, are critical parts of the productivity cycle. These times help us integrate the physical with the metaphysical, the mundane with the spiritual.

The advantage of knowing about naturally occurring low-energy, internal focus times is that we can plan and schedule accordingly. If you want to invest in learning more about how working with natural time cycles can help you be more productive and prosperous, reach out here.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Friday, August 19, 7:06 AM to 8:06 AM EDT

Sunday, August 21, 6:06 PM to 8:29 PM EDT

Wednesday, August 24, 5:40 AM to 9:09 AM

Friday, August 26, 2:55 AM to 8:25 PM EDT

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week, at the New Moon.

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  1. Thank you, Aureal, for the great reminder of the importance of self love and self care. This is especially important during these times of great change.