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Personal Lunar Cycle Report

Personal Lunar Cycle Report

The Personal Lunar Cycle is a rhythm of energy that is based on the phase of the Moon in which you are born. This rhythm represents an organic pattern of energy that you carry with you throughout life. What you get with this purchase are the dates and times of your next 13 Personal New Moons. With this information, you count back three days preceding each of the Personal New Moons to determine your Personal Dark of the Moon. These Dark of the Moon days, in the Personal Cycle, are three days when energy is naturally low, because a natural cycle is ending. These three days, especially the 24 hour period before each Personal New Moon, are optimal days to rest, reflect and restore.

Tracking these rhythms can provide a visceral experience that rest is part of the productivity cycle. Following this cycle can help reduce stress related to time pressures and feelings of overwhelm. Read more about this cycle in an article I wrote for The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

Dates & Times for your next 13 Personal Lunar Cycle New Moons $25.00

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