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Craniosacral Bodywork
Craniosacral bodywork, as practiced by Aureal, helps you calm and restore your connection with the intuitive wisdom of your body. An accomplished intuitive herself, Aureal helps you facilitate a deep state of rest that opens the door to greater receptivity of your own intuition. Details...

Coaching with Aureal is an experiential process of inner inquiry on the heart and soul level. Details...

New Healers


Personal Lunar Cycles
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The Personal Lunar Cycle is a rhythm of energy that is based on the phase of the Moon in which you are born. This rhythm represents an organic pattern of energy that you carry with you throughout life. Tracking these rhythms can provide a visceral experience that rest is part of the productivity cycle. Following this cycle can help reduce stress related to time pressures and feelings of overwhelm.

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50 Practical Tips for Trusting Intuition
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"I want every nurse to read this."
Donna Cardillo, RN, MA

In this e-booklet, 50 Practical Tips for Trusting Intuition, you find fun, easy-to-use, everyday tips for opening up the gifts of your intuition. Try a tip a day for 50 days and you have a new relationship with what can be your new best friend, your intuition. This e-booklet benefits people of all ages for personal and professional life. Aureal calls intuition "The business tool for now," and use of intuition benefits family life as well, from young children to teens, to harried parents. Enjoy this e-book for the entire family.

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Reclaiming Astrology as a Relevant Tool
for Holistic Practitioners
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This 32-page paper includes information on the history of astrology in health care, astrology as a modality of quantum consciousness and suggested applications of astrology for today's holistic practices.

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