Personal Dark Moon, June 2012 Experience

by | Jun 13, 2012 | Living the Intuitive Life

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It is June 13, 2012 and I had my New Moon in the Personal Lunar cycle during the bewitching 3 am hour this morning. The Dark Moon days, three days before each New Moon, were very different this cycle than they have been in previous cycles. I think the big difference between this past cycle and previous cycles is that in the May 2012 cycle I had the awareness that I needed more Chi in my life.  This insight brought forth the plan to cook at least one warm fresh vegetable a day.  I did this with relative success for the past 28 days and do feel like I picked up my Chi considerably.  The fact that I am eating less in general also feels related to eating hearty vegetables every day.  With more Chi running through my body, the Dark Moon phase of this past Personal Lunar Cycle felt less like a deep pull into darkness and more like  a conscious witnessing of a cycle turning. I have tracked this cycle faithfully for 19 years and I know that there are variations in each cycle, however, it does feel that with more Chi running in my body, I did not have to go down so deeply to rest this past dark moon. This feels like a gift.

In the recent dark moon phase, just preceding my Personal New Moon, I still took to the bed. I schedule the 24 hours before my  Personal New Moon as a sacred time, a time for rest and relaxation and I treasure this time.  Despite 19 years of faithfully following this cycle, my mind still comes in during a dark moon day shouting, “Shouldn’t you….blah, blah, blah,”  I  let myself rest. This recent Dark Moon phase was mostly a conscious listening time and I allowed myself the space and stillness to do that.

What I heard during the stillness was to Be Happy.  It is hard, sometimes, in modern life, to look beyond the fear and scare, and choose the other.  One of the opportunities that I am working on is clearing my third eye chakra to see possibilities beyond what I know or even imagine, because imagination can be limited.  I want unlimited life experience.  I want to open to what is possible even though it has not been in my realm of possibility.  I expand openness and interaction with the unlimited possibility and potential.

What I heard in this recent Dark Moon time of my Personal Lunar Cycle is that that my heart wants to be happy. Despite all conditioning prior to this moment, I will give my heart what it wants and explore with unbridled curiosity the discovery of happiness.  I will notice the positive, the up versus down.   If I hadn’t stopped and laid on my bed with my eyes wide open, looking out on the summer green and letting that visceral into my heart and my body, I do not know if I would have heard this whisper into my right ear, from my inner self to my conscious self. I did hear it though, and voice witness to that hearing.

May’s Personal Dark Moon lead me to eat better.  Which I am doing! June’s Personal Lunar Cycle leads me to embrace happiness more consciously.  I will let you know next month how this cycle goes.

Alignment with natural cycles allows us to connect consciously with the stop and start points of the cyclical nature of life.  It allows us to regroup.  I have written about the Personal Lunar Cycle before, and I have lived with it since 1993 and have been teaching it in my group and individual intuitive practice since 1995.  I find the Personal Lunar Cycle to be a valuable predictor of energy levels as it is based on the phase of the Moon in which you are born.  This is a cycle that repeats each month of one’s life and if you would like to connect and work with your own Personal Lunar Cycle, let me know!