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Craniosacral work in action

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In Issue #2:

by Aureal Williams, BSN, RN, LMT

The Body Tells Its Story, Craniosacral work in action

A new client came to me, a woman who is, herself, a massage therapist. In the first session, I noticed that the shape of her head, on the right side at the occiput, was concave, from travel through the birth canal 46 years earlier! I worked with this concave area very gently in the course of this first session.

At the end of the session, the client asked me what I discovered during the session and I shared what I had noted about the shape of her head. The client asked me if there was anything she could do to help rectify the concave shape of her head. I shared with her what craniosacral practitioners tell parents of newborns with misshapen heads, to softly brush the hand over the misshapen part of the head, to bring the area into fullness. It is very easy to rectify a misshapen infant’s head, given the plasticity of a newborn cranium. I did not know what results to expect with a client who had this concave shape for over four decades.

This client is someone who works consciously on herself, with frequent bodywork sessions and chiropractic work and consistent emotional/spiritual processing of her life. When she returned for a second craniosacral session about three weeks after the first session, I was astonished to palpate that the concave shape of her head had filled out to at least 90% of “normal” shape.

It was an amazing result that I attribute to the client’s attention she gave to rectify the shape of her head. She shared with me that she did brush her hand over the concave area of her head everyday, and that she worked on this issue with her chiropractor, as well as with other holistic health practitioners with whom she works.

The client shared with me that the physical correcting of the shape of her head correlates to the fullness that she wants in the rest of her life – in relationships, in finding her voice in work situations, in leading a happy, well-rounded and fulfilling life. Holographically, the work she did to rectify the concavity of her head rippled out to emotional, social and spiritual aspects of her life. To witness, first hand, this woman’s results is an amazing experience for me, as a human being and a practitioner. With love, focus, consistency and intention, we can change things in our lives, even something so seemingly solid as the shape of the bones in one’s head.

Aureal Williams, BSN, RN, LMT

News From the Field

An article titled “Who is a Healer?” by Alison Rose Levy in the “Living Now” section of the online Huffington Post continues the dialogue between holistic and conventional medicine. While I, as a holistic nurse, and now licensed massage therapist, have been in on this discussion for 35+ years, there are more physicians involved in the dialogue now, on the holistic perspective of it, and this feels great. If this dialogue interests you, take a look at the article.


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