New Moon Week, Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 12:36 PM to Thursday, March 10, 5:46 AM

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From 2006 until 2016, I dreamt of moving to Duluth, Minnesota, near Lake Superior. In 2016, the dream became manifest. I had visited Duluth every year, often multiple times, during each of those ten years. The draw for me was the magnificent Deva of the Lake.

That Deva is a being of profound Love. Pure and ever-present. Her Love sourced me during that decade and since, even though I have moved away from Duluth.

Known as one of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is an inland sea. This body of water is so large that the opposite shore is not visible, and its depth opens an unfathomable experience of completeness. The Deva of Lake Superior resonates with an unlimited capacity of being. I often hang out in deep space through my work with astrology. Lake Superior and her Deva give the experience of deep space, terrestrially.

As you might imagine, what surrounds Lake Superior reflects the richness of her beauty and gifts. That blessed periphery includes the town and townspeople of Duluth.

Lake Superior Interfaith Community Church‘s positive reputation as an engaging community, free of hierarchy, warranted checking out. Each week, I discovered that the service included a community member or a regional influencer speaking on a topic covering the full spectrum of New Age spirituality. The services were richly nourishing, and I went every week.

One of my favourite parts of each week’s service was the beginning. We sang, in our ragtag voices, “Let There Be Peace on Each, and Let it Begin with Me.” The experience of us singing our hearts open with this song raised the room’s frequency to match the frequency of Love from the Lake Deva.

At the time of this New Moon, in Pisces, the sign of Universal Love, I offer this YouTube version of that song and invite you to sing with me, Let There Be Peace on Earth – Harlem Boys’ Choir – YouTube.

The first two weeks of a Lunar Cycle are about bringing in what we need to co-create what we want. These first two weeks represent the in-breath. During these next two weeks, consider breathing in Peace. Breath in what you need to live Peace.

While it may take some time to figure out what qualities you need to live in Peace, this is time well spent. Collective Peace begins within each of us, living Peace within ourselves.

The following is a short list of qualities that may precede your direct experience of Peace. If one of these resonates, consider taking a few minutes, morning and night, to breathe in Peace and breathe out what seemingly blocks your Peace. Allow the growing, glowing Moon to help you increase your stamina and resiliency for breathing in Peace.

Resisting Grace

Resisting Now

Forgiveness of Self or Other

Releasing Fear

Releasing Guilt

Releasing Shame or blame

As you breathe in Peace, you may notice that your inner wisdom suggests other qualities. For example, you breathe in Peace for a few minutes, and you hear the word confidence. Please consider allowing whatever comes to flow through you. This process of organic evolution happens as we shift into 5D Consciousness. We automatically attract what we need and release what no longer serves us.

The in-and-out breath and Moon’s ebb and flow help us naturally synchronize with this organic recycling.

Share in the comments or send me an email the words that come up for you as you unblock your direct experience of Peace.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

The Void Moon times this week are relatively short. May you take advantage of these rest and reset times for ultimate productivity.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Hearing what your body wants during Void Moons, generally, more internal focus than external focus and more stillness, quiet, and rest, are great ways to start embodying the Moon.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Thursday, March 3, 4:46 PM to 7:53 PM

Saturday, March 5, 11:02 PM to Sunday, March 6, 3:01 AM

Tuesday, March 8, 9:36 AM to 1:41 PM EST

Here is a time converter:

If I can help you move through the challenges of opening to your body as Timer, as we shift to 5D Consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk here

Blessed Be. See you next week with the Second Quarter Moon phase.


  1. I love your blog. Especially what you said on peace. Many thanks Tanis

    • Dear Tanis, thank you for your kind words and your exemplary modeling of peace within, peace without. Gratitude and love!