New Moon Turns the Wheel, with a Focus on Light

by | Feb 9, 2024 | 5D, Astrology, Deep Space Astrology, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Our Moon, Sovereignty

New to Full Moon, February 9 to 24, 2024

Deep Space planetary energies during the first two weeks of this New Moon in Aquarius compel us to realize we are spiritual beings living a human existence.

For many decades, we have worked on integrating masculine and feminine. This integration shows up through the increased participation, since the 1950s, of men actively involved in parenting. It shows up in the fusion of previously gender-defined careers. Men are now nurses, and women are linemen, as one example.

The mainstream integration of gender fluidity on television, in fashion, and in everyday neighborhood life is now the norm despite the existence of discriminatory challenges.

During these next two weeks and beyond, we focus on integrating our spirituality within our humanity. This means realizing the part mysticism plays in ordinary life and recognizing the increasing information that comes in invisible ways.

The wheel turns toward the Light as we open to living our sovereignty within the collective life experience. It is a pivotal two weeks, and the following Deep Space Planets help us.

We can optimize the potency of this two-week period by:

Grounding feet and root Chakra firmly with Earth

Stretching arms out to the sky

Opening heart to symbolic, intuitive informing

Considering saying Yes

Wishing you every blessing in this Lighted time.

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