New Moon, New Year

by | Jan 2, 2022 | 5D, Our Moon

To embody the Moon means to feel the Moon’s rhythms as a physical experience. It is possible to sync up with the ebb and flow of the Lunar week and the pulls to stop business as usual with the Void Moons. I have aligned with our Moon in these ways for decades and know that it can take up to two years to feel these natural timings as inner experiences. Consider practicing this alignment with patience. In addition to saving time, money, resources, and frustration levels, there is the benefit of living in sync with nature in a direct Oneness experience.

When you open to Time as an inner experience, in contrast to an external control forced upon us, you are more accessible to the fluidity of Time that is in 5D consciousness.

In this week’s post, we start with the Void Moon times because with the New Year and the New Moon; we want to hit the ground running. This week, the Void Moon pumps the brakes on for extended periods.

Applying this information helps avoid frustration and mental confusion regarding why it can be hard to have a fast go this week.

The Void Moon

This week, the Void Moon is our big news, with an extended Void time on Monday, January 3, during the workday for those in the US and an entire 24-hour period on Wednesday. While we start a new year and a new lunar month, the Void Moon calls for long time-outs for those eager to get going after an extended holiday break.

The Moon goes void midmorning on Monday, January 3, EST, and stays void for almost six hours. For those in the United States returning to a work setting after an extended holiday break, working can feel like an uphill battle during long parts of the workday. For those in Europe, this Void Moon hits in the evening hours. In Australia and New Zealand, this Void Moon affects late workday Tuesday. The exact hours are listed below.

The Moon goes Void for 24 hours from the evening in the US on Wednesday to the evening on Thursday. This long Void Moon affects everyone worldwide for some part of the workday.

Pace yourself, please. The frustration from pushing upstream in a downstream time takes its toll, and that burden is unnecessary when you look at the Moon. Please listen to what your body tells you and try not to override internal calls to slow down or rest. Activities like filing or nonessential tasks work during Void Moons. Starting new projects or scheduling appointments are likely to need revisions when undertaken during a Void Moon.

These delays in pushing forward can be used to our advantage. Rest and reflect; reflect inward, with patience, during the slowdown times, and with the certainty that the time to move forward will not leave you behind.

The Void Moon Times this week include:

Monday, January 3, 11:21 AM to 5:44 PM, EST

Tuesday, January 4, 7:45 PM to  Wednesday, January 5, 7:17 PM, EST

Friday, January 7, 5:23 PM to Saturday, January 8, 12:28 AM, EST

Here is a time converter:

New Moon Phase, 1:34 PM January 2, 2022, to January 9, 2022

New Year, New Moon, the timing is so divine! A fresh start to heart’s desire and more miraculous fulfillment than was imagined.

You may have noticed that manifestation is instantaneous now. This experience has been one of the most marveling gifts in my shift to 5D, which is a constant work in progress.

It helps tremendously to be clear about what we want to manifest. Since our co-creative capacities to manifest are coming more on board now, a first step is to be clear about what we want.

The New Moon week is a perfect time to communicate that intention with the cosmos. The first half of the Lunar Cycle is about building. In the first week, we build a foundation. If you have not already done so, take this week to dream, visualize, name, claim your life. Be specific to the finest detail.

We are blessed with a New Moon at the start of this new calendar year. Most people go by the Gregorian calendar year for planning their timeline. While making plans has gone out the window as we shift to living in 5D, getting clear on what we want and who we are becoming remains vital. If we are vague and indecisive, that will show up in what manifests. Dream your dream, imagine your life, state your claim. After you have done so, consider adding, “This or something better.”    

If I can help you move through the challenges of opening up to your body as Timer, in this shift to 5D consciousness, consider scheduling a time to talk, or an appointment, here:

Blessed Be. See you next week with Week #2 in this new Lunar phase.

Here is 3 minutes + worldbeat music for dancing your heart open