New Moon, New Now, New Us

by | Sep 13, 2023 | 5D, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Our Moon

New Moon to Full Moon, September 14 to September 29, 2023

The image that revealed itself as I worked on the data for this New to Full period is one of nebulous threads of our new beingness spiraling upward, finding their form. Here is a representation of that image.

These planets of deep space seem to work together, delivering different threads of the same message. Essentialized, the message I understand for these two weeks is:

We are breaking through to new consciousness
We are becoming new
Release what has died
Open to the bigger picture

The Planets Involved

Specifics include:

Triad integration of masculine/feminine, Self/Other into Light

Transmute rigidity into fusion

Find the fierce purity between the concrete and the abstract

Watch for resistance to intuitive knowing

Release the critic, perfectionist, acting from loss, deficit, bitterness, and pouting  

Reckon with the big medicine of light and dark

Find the plumb line of integrity 

Choose clarity over confusion. Allow the void  — spending time in quiet stillness – to propel you. This is working with those nebulous threads to form the new.

Consider letting the power of nurturing self-love lead you to a new structure of  justice

Ground in Spirit to Earth living   

Allow the threads of evolution (animal, mineral, rational, imaginal, spiritual)to help power through choice. This experience represents the active phase of those nebulous threads finding their new form.

Break the mold, feel the new I AM

Welcome and support the new parts of you

Open to infinite possibilities beyond preconception. What is happening is more expansive than ever        

Align your will to align with Divine Will for the rebirth of you        

Consider letting the trail of grief pull you forward

Claim the tender, fragile, preciousness of life at the crux of sky/earth spiritual/human existence

Be open to a sudden understanding of a new path forward

Befriend yourself                                                                           

Brave New World, new circumstances, new you

Please let me know how this information lands with you. Do you find it useful? Helpful? Do you have questions? Reply in comments or by email. Thanks!

Stations and Occultations

September 15          Mercury stations direct (8 vi 0’12”)                  

September 15         Ixion stations direct (2 cp 13’44”)                      

September 16          Occultation of Mars by the Moon (13 li 8’22”)         

September 20          Quaoar stations direct (6 cp 38’33”)              

September 20         Altjira stations retrograde (19 ge 38’51”)       

September 21         Pholus stations direct (5 cp 42’31”)                 

September 24         G’kunll’homdima stations retrograde (21 ge 1’43”)

September 28 Occultation of Neptune by the Moon (26 pi 0’59”)