New Clothes

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Living the Intuitive Life

somebody's clothes
The Great Shift of 2012 brings anticipated change: greater sense of community, greater sense of creativity, greater experience of confidence and trust, greater synchronization with Life, greater fun, more smiles, greater joy.  An unexpected change that the Great Shift is bringing to me is a need for new clothes. The old clothes have worn out, not in cloth, rather they have worn out in that they no longer represent the vibrational frequencies that I am becoming.  This need for new clothes is a surprise, and a part of the New Field shift that I did not anticipate.
The other day I was putting on a piece of my favorite clothing and I could barely stand to finish putting it on. The vibration of the piece no longer matched me and this awareness came all of a sudden. This piece of clothing is about three years old, has been a go-to piece, a favoured regular in my rotation of dressing.  I looked at other choices and those options did not resonate with me, either. Then, it dawned on me, that as I am changing, shedding old layers of adaptation and  shifting into a freeness of being, the old clothes no longer work for me.
Everything carries a vibration and clothes carry our vibration. If I am putting on a piece of clothing that did serve me well, however,  no longer holds resonance for who I am now, there is feeling of discordance.  Discordance on the outer level seeps into the inner level, zapping energy, spontaneity, creativity and happiness and joy. In all ways I say yes to supporting the revelatory essence of my possibility,  the expressively creative, artistic, fun, connected being that I am becoming. Wearing a different kind of clothing seems to be a next step in my self-supportive process.
I have not yet started to shop for my new wardrobe yet, however, I get the feeling that I am going to be looking for a change in style, not just new clothes.  Maybe I will even have to look in new shops, not the ones I usually use, to find the new clothes that are a resonant match for me.  I suspect I will be wearing new colours, too.
Buying new clothes does not, necessarily, have to cost a lot of money. Throughout my life, I have found that when the need is authentic, the resources are around. The point, really, is to wear clothing that supports me to be me.
Everything is shifting in this time of unprecedented change.  If you find that your clothes are no longer a resonant fit with whom you are becoming, listen. I trust, implicitly, that the majic in the universe and the majic of saying yes to your inner knowing will help you find the resources, the colours and the clothing that help you tidal wave into the new you. Please add your experiences in the comments section below!