Neptune’s Invitation to Plunge Deep Now

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The information that I post is mainly about the planets of new consciousness. These bodies are often called Transneptunians because their orbits cross Neptune’s border and connect us with deep space. Neptune has long been regarded as a planet of consciousness, particularly the subconscious, where, once we immerse ourselves, we can access higher consciousness and wider realizations of awareness. Through their orbits, these newly discovered planets take us from Neptune’s depth and out into the farthest reaches of new awakening.

Neptune’s consort was Salacia. Her orbit takes 275 years, so she is out in deep space. Despite the distance, Salacia blesses us with the impulse and reach of leadership based on authentic power. Both Neptune and Salacia have dominion over the waters. Thanks to the work of Veda Austen, following the pioneering work of Maruso Emoto, we are collectively more aware of water’s energetic, communicative power.

In further support of our new lives, Neptune’s symbol is a trident, indicative of the integration of 5D, where we move from duality to triplicity, the fusion that takes us from separation into unity.

Geocentrically, Neptune is retrograde from July 2 until December 7, 2024. The significance of this apparent backward motion is the degree to which Neptune turned retrograde: 29 degrees of Pisces, 55 minutes. This event can hardly be closer to the end of the cycle, which would be 29 degrees of Pisces, 59.9 minutes.

The impact of Neptune gracing this Cardinal point is further emphasized with Neptune’s retrograde near the same degree next year. On July 4, 2025, Neptune turns retrograde at 2 degrees Aries, 11 minutes, and on December 10, 2025, Neptune turns direct at 29 degrees Pisces, 22 minutes.

Neptune ingresses into zero degrees Aries on March 30, 2025, at 7:58 AM and, apart from its summer/winter retrograde period of 2025, stays in Aries until its ingress into Taurus in May 2038.

What we have here, folks, is opportunity. This two-year dance of Neptune traveling over and through, back and forth, at the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries helps us regroup as we enter the New.

While the circle has no beginning nor end, there is a refresh point, a restart button, a pause, and a new beginning. We have this fresh start opportunity each day, Luna month, Sol month, and year. This cycle of ending and beginning is deeply embedded in our primordial imprints.

We are cosmic beings living on Earth and flowing through life cyclically. The pattern within and externally is the same if we can feel it. The Moon is especially helpful in bringing awareness of the cyclic turns physically. Whether conscious of the connection with Luna cycles or not, many people feel low energy at the Dark Moon, just as one Luna cycle ends and the next begins.

Back to Neptune. This planet is associated with the depths of the sea, with mysticism, spirituality, intuition, telepathy, the nebulous, and the fog. As we delve deep into the unconscious content, the energies of Neptune can inspire if we do not succumb to the escapisms of addictions.

Neptune travels retrograde over the Zero Point of the astrological circle, Zero Aries, for two years. This contact suggests we are at a golden opportunity to evolve into our new consciousness.

It is time to LET GO big time during the 2024 and 2025 Neptune retrograde periods. The old is dead, and if we let it, gone.

The new is emerging through dreams, nature walks, water, non-thinking artwork and all practices that allow the unconscious to clear the path and live the new.

I hope you can feel the gift and the opening in this Neptune retrograde time. In proper Neptunian form, the opportunity is more significant than words describe. Please attune in your ways. If I can help you with clarity or practice, do reach out.

The data and dates:

July 2, 2024Neptune turns Retrograde29 degrees Pisces, 55 minutes
December 7, 2024Neptune turns Direct27 degrees Pisces, 08 minutes
March 30, 2025Neptune enters Aries0 degrees Aries 7:58 AM
July 4, 2025Neptune turns Retrograde2 degrees Aries, 11 minutes
December 10, 2025Neptune turns Direct29 degrees Pisces, 22 minutes
January 26, 2026Neptune enters Aries0 Aries

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