Muhammad Ali and the New Moon

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Living the Intuitive Life

Muhammad Ali taught me something even in his death.

He lived his truth, without compromise. With his public presence, he brought joy, laughter and love, bright lightening our collective hearts. He was, and is, a treasured man.

The news of his death, and reading the many accounts of his life, and watching him on video, brought tears deep from my heart for this man whom I only knew as a public figure. Curious to learn more about him, I looked up his birth data online and then then drew up his birth chart.  I was shocked to see that he was born about one day after the New Moon.

The phase of the Moon in which one is born imprints an orientation to life that carries through the lifetime. I have worked with the Lunar Cycles for decades and my experience of New Moon people is that they are highly sensitive, intuitive and easily overstimulated because of their capacity to perceive and receive information from the formless world. They are born at the border of formless and form, just as one Lunar Cycle ends and empties and the next cycle begins. They are border crossers, perceptive to sensitive frequencies within the field of flow.

My own experience at the time of each New Moon in our collective sky reflects a sensation of wobbliness, as I find my legs again, after the rest and release of the dark Moon of the cycle that ended. Each New Moon is a tender, delicate and sensitive time.

IMG_1098                                                        Photo by Aureal Williams 

Those born at the time of a New Moon tend to experience life like a newborn baby. New Moon people are impressionable and supersensitive to the energy field around them, visible or not. Before seeing his chart, I anticipated that Muhammad Ali was born at the time of a Full Moon; he was not shy about shining his magnificent light.

Learning that he was born within a day of a New Moon, causes me to appreciate Muhammad Ali more. To live the life that he did with this lunar imprint is astonishing. It is reported that he was born in a time and in a town with active practices of segregation. He had a dad who drank, and he entered a boxing world that did not take, at first, to him or his style.

What Muhammad Ali teaches me in his death is that with every New Moon there is capacity to break the mold and live a new way not yet done before. I always knew that New Moons were beginnings; Muhammad Ali’s life breaks open my understanding of new beginning.

Another astonishing fact of his alignment with Life is that he died in the dark, dark of the Moon, within one day of the end of a lunar cycle. We all have our beginnings and our endings in perfect timing with our own path, no one starting or ending point within the lunar cycle is better than another. For Ali, the alpha and omega of his life started with a New Moon and ended with the Dark Moon.  Thank you, Muhammad Ali, you were truly phenomenal.


Authors Note: I bring teachings of the eight Lunar phases as they relate to the Human Growth and Development Cycle to individual consultations, classes and am currently working on an e-book that includes this information. Seeing Muhammad Ali’s Sun/Moon phase angle prompts me to add information of famous people born within each phase.


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