Moving away from the Eye of the Storm

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Living the Intuitive Life

Seven weeks ago I entered into a negotiation to move to a new place in a new town. This move is packed with emotion and mystery and feelings not yet fully processed. Feelings like vulnerability, confusion and willingness.

During the initial meeting, the other party and I agreed on a timeline. Throughout these past seven weeks I checked in regularly regarding the timeline, with no response.

Then, finally, a reply confirming a mandated deadline; As I prepared to leave, I received word that needed documentation was not complete and could I help? For the past seven weeks I had offered to help and this offer was always declined; in the last minute, such help was needed.
My frustration level was red hot over something I had no control over. There was not one thing I could do to get an earlier, easier response, despite a month of trying.

The physical effects of my frustration were alarming: Red face, blood boiling, foot-stomping, fist-raising anger with loud, fast talking. I was able to calm myself and my frustration level abated, enough for me to ask, “Why am I in such a situation?” I stuck one toe into that pondering pool as day went into night.

And what a dark and stormy night it was. Winds of 75 miles an hour blew screens out of the windows. Lighting was so consistent that the sky was bright white for extended periods during the middle of the night. Thunder echoed deep rumbling within me.

That morning, travel bans were in place, as down trees blocked roads, live wires presented danger and a power outage affected tens of thousands of people over a wide region. The power outage for my area lasted 18 hours. The power for internet connection was out 36 hours.

It is quite an experience to live without power for lengths of time. We have to resort to ourselves, deep within, without conveniences, virtual communications or distractions. My gratitude goes out to all of the men and women who work to return access to power we have accepted as norm. My prayers also go out for universal solar power, for the benefit of all and for freedom from power outages!


Photo by Aureal Williams

There are many lessons for me in this stormy experience. A main lesson is to get out of the eye of the storm.

As human beings we have to work with and depend on others. We are also working in a living Field of Energy that is quantum leaps above conscious understanding or willful natures.
Cooperators and collaborators, at least on the first go-round, and unless our intuition informs otherwise, deserve consideration that they, too, are doing the best that they can. If, after multiple encounters with a particular person or group, there is consistent failure to come through, that is another case.

There are many delays in life plans these days. It can be frustrating to the point of adverse effect on our physical bodies. This week I saw that it is my choice whether I stay in the path of the storm when things do not seem to be going my way — I can let my body get agitated to the intensity of a 75 mile an hour wind, or, I can trust the Universe. I can trust that my stated intentions, wishes, wants have been heard and that their fulfillment is in the works. The Living Field works with me and on my behalf, way past the level of my mental comprehension. I can retreat from the path of the storm, as the great martial arts masters teach, and choose to do something else with my time and attention, instead of staying focused on the issue like a dog with a bone.

With the multidimensional frequencies of the New Now, force does not apply. Effortlessness and ease are hallmarks of the 5th Dimension. That does not mean that results are imminent; it does mean that a Living Field is at work, along with other people and me, on any particular endeavor. Mental understanding or willfulness cannot scope the whole picture. To rest within this collaborative Field, I buy into these underlying premises:

My intentions, wishes, wants have been heard and the Living Field works on my behalf.

Stubborn willfulness hurts and prolongs the agony of separation and helplessness.

I do not know the whole story; I can honour my own requests to the Universe by waiting and moving out of the eye of the storm.

The other party is, often, doing the best they can even if I do not understand their choices.

Evidence repeatedly shows that I can buy into these premises. It requires release of willfulness and attempts to force. Willfulness and forcing are learned and deeply conditioned responses from earlier times. They no longer function so well now. Willfulness is stubborn, yet it does melt with soft approach.

Has your approach to frustrations changed as we transition to life in 5D? Do share in the comments section!