Moving Along…..

by | Jul 24, 2012 | Living the Intuitive Life

Orange Gerber DaisyCreative Commons License Audrey via Compfight

Moving with new Life tonight, I chose to work on clearing out the old. Paging through a notebook from long ago, I found a name, René A. Schwaller de Lubicz, looked him up and found this:

“Our science has concluded that every atom is ultimately dependent on every other, yet we persist in the intellectual fiction that we can separate one from another both in our experiments and in our daily lives. Schwaller would have us put aside our dividing mind and experience life directly, by intuition, the no-mind of countless spiritual teachers.”  

This New Dimension of Life invites us to allow intuition to inform us in ways the mind cannot access or understand.  Sensate awareness is key. What is the body feeling and knowing?  Reading the symbols as they show up, moving with synchronous opening, honoring one’s uniqueness within the oneness and allowing innate curiosity, our own inner navigator, to lead the way is, to me, living the intuitive life. René A. Schwaller de Lubicz lived from 1887 to 1961. He seemed to be a bridge between time lines and now it is our turn to move intuition along and use it for full capacity living. How would you like to use intuition more in your life?