by | Jul 20, 2011 | Synchronicity

On a recent 80% humidity afternoon, after a long day’s work, I set out in search of organic bing cherries, a produce that is in short supply this season because of the heavy spring rains. I was in a daze from the heat and humidity and under the best of circumstances, my directional abilities are challenged. On this particular day, I drove past an exit and didn’t realize it. I kept going and missed another exit. I eventually ended up on a stretch of highway that led me home, however, miles away from my intended destination, the part of town that was likely to have organic cherries. It was around 7 PM on a Saturday evening and the sweltering heat deterred me from driving further in search of the cherries.


As I looped on to the exit and headed home, I saw a store that I shop at infrequently. I decided to stop there and see what kind of organic produce they might have. As I entered the produce section, I saw overflowing bags of deep ruby red organic cherries. With gratitude and delight, I hooped and hollered a victory dance! I bought three bags and one week later, I am still enjoying these cherries.


Has this happened to you, where you set out for something, encounter a detour, get frustrated and then realize what is playing out is actually for the better? Despite “getting lost,” I did meet up with what I was after. I have no idea if the stores I originally planned to shop that day would have yielded organic cherries. I did go to those stores the next day and they had none.


As someone who works with energy frequencies and the vibrational wisdom of the body, this is an example of how the sensate body, and not the mind, is pilot these days. I accomplished my mission because I surrendered to a part of me that was in sync with the larger field. Despite “getting lost,” that larger field directed me to where the organic cherries were, even though my conscious mind thought I had to look for them elsewhere.


It felt to me like majic at play. In reality, an interplay of seen and unseen, known and unknown, fulfills authentic needs and wants.  I had an authentic want for organic, hard-to-find produce. Somehow, my body and soul, in connection with the larger energy field, knew what my mind didn’t – where the organic cherries were for me that day. I just had to let go of what I thought I knew and open to receive what I had wanted.


As I embrace living an intutive life, I am better served when I let go of self-recrimination, negative self-talk such as blame for missing an exit, and open to the mystery, majic and abundance of what is actually unfolding.