Love, Pouring Down From Deep Space

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New Moon, December 23, 5:18 AM, to Full Moon, January 6, 2023, 6:08 PM EST.

Arrokoth. From Wikipedia. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)

There was a young woman who lived within an older woman. Over the time they were together, their heart’s desires aligned. They both wanted to find their tribe, to have community, to be connected.

Out of the blue, it happened. The sky revealed 55 deep space planets that this integrated old/new woman experienced as kin. The heart of this older/young woman came on fire with love, gratitude, and a sense of family reunited.

In case you haven’t guessed, the above reflects my story. In the 5th Dimension, aging takes on a new experience, in contrast to the actual chronological aging process of the 3rd Dimension.

5D is timeless, and consciousness is experienced as such. That vibrant young woman within me, the one with so much potential, hopes, dreams, longings, wishes, attempts, and efforts, have meshed with the chronological me from the boomer years, and the old and the young feel entwined. At this older age, to have the excitement and joy for life that these new connections bring is exquisite.

The newly found kin include the 5D planets, dwarf planets, transneptunian objects, plutinos, centaurs, and scattered disc objects. For those who need a reminder, scientists have been sharing that we are made of stardust; we come from deep space.

Ripple and radiate through inner contradictions and inconsistencies. Bring them to the light so that you can use your free will to choose.

From 2020 to 2022, I studied ten of these 5D planets in depth through Alan Clay’s excellent Dwarf Planet University. The human connections made during those two years of study were magnificent and rich with personal and collective advancement.

As I completed the offerings of that study, the sky opened, pouring more information about additional dwarf 5D planets. The great galactic astrologer Philip Sedgwick introduced me to deep-space objects in 1995. In the middle of the Dwarf University experience, I found Sue Kientz, Zane Stein, and his AMAZING online resources, and then the brilliant work of Benjamin Adamah. My soul works in knowing, understanding, communicating with, and observing these 55 new planets in action.

Reading someone’s chart, including someone who does not know astrology, from the perspective of these deep space objects lights me up. I do not think I have ever been happier conveying messages from these planets to the hearts and souls of people who are longing to be alive in their fullness.

These blog posts have recently included a weekly review of the actions of these 5D planets. The investment in writing the blog posts went from about 12 hours to 36 hours. Preparations for chart readings also increased three-fold.

The wisdom of these stars brought light to my process. Since these new planets move slowly, there is little change from week to week. The inspiration was to move the blog posts from weekly to twice a month and to introduce these planets and their energies more specifically.

We have dealt with the personal and transpersonal planets from Mercury out to Pluto for a long time, and many are familiar. These 5D planets are new, and I align with the mission to make these planets household names as they call to us now for connection.

Please let me know if the changes I am making work for you as a reader of this blog. The structure around the Moon phases remains. We are earth beings, and the Moon is our anchor. Another of my primary missions is to live by the Moon and help people remember the benefits and rewards of doing so. That part of this blog stays the same.

The other part of the blog, tying the content into how the cosmic energies reflect our collective quantum leap into the 5th Dimensional Consciousness, remains the same.

And, because of the Moon, the Void Moon times are still included in each blog post.  

The planets involved in this two-week review, from New Moon to Full, include Amycus, Arrokoth, Arwan, Cyllarus, Hylonome, Ixion, Mercury, Orius, Pholus, Pluto, Sun, Quaoar, and Venus.

One of the more prominent planets in this two-week review is Arrokoth. This deep space planet was captured on an image during a fly-by and you can view the astounding experience here.

The Planetary Story Reflected in The Next Two Weeks

How we communicate and what we value is up for examination during the first two weeks of this lunar cycle. The planetary energies invite us to resource everything and filter through the options. Ideally, guidance for this process comes from our intention for the highest good and the highest expression of our Ego. Noticing the colours that spark us as we raise our frequency vibrations may help.

During this new Season, and especially at the beginning of it,  we have the chance to rest in the rebirth of ourselves through a filtering process. We are burning with the opportunity for renewal.

There can be a deep, perhaps excruciating, process to release grief and allow our light to shine—filter for ruthlessness, either coming at you or from you. The pure star potential is to allow the good Warrior within to have light and life. Feel for the centerline of justice, for self, and others.

We can experience clarity by allowing our Sky/Earth connection full integration. Connect with your EarthStar beneath your feet and the planetary sources high above. Feel the orb of love and possibility surround you.

Ripple and radiate through inner contradictions and inconsistencies. Bring them to the light so that you can use your free will to choose. Clarifying your authentic, core, golden identity may involve hardcore filtering, discerning, processing, and choosing.

As always, anchor with the breath and acknowledge that everything is in process, and your heart, goodwill, and ageless Soul drive this process. In this deep dark time, anchor within yourself.

Moon Phase

We are in the first two weeks of a new cycle, from December 23, 2022, 5:18 AM EST, to the Full Moon on January 6, 2023, at 6:08 PM EST. This is the building phase, the generating start. The most industrious part of this time, Moon phase-wise, is the Second Quarter which goes from  Thursday, December 29, 2022, 8:21 PM EST to the Full Moon on January 6. 

If you want to gift yourself something immeasurable this holiday season, consider doing a practice to feel your body’s connection with the ebb and flow of the Moon. We will review this cycle in every issue of this blog.

5D, Here Now

The 5D Pillar of Access during these first two weeks of the lunar cycle is Unconditional Love, this time for self. We must start there if we are ever to have the hope of loving others unconditionally.

The planetary energies of these two weeks involve filtering parts of ourselves we might not want to see. Bringing those parts to consciousness helps release them. The grace of patient kindness to self helps during the deep cleansing, purifying, releasing, and choosing. We start with the heart intention and go from there.


The willing heart is a sacred, tender, precious energy. Do you want to filter out what no longer works for you? Do you want to restructure for the new possibilities from your core? Do you want to live consistently in the goldmine of each present moment? Couple patience with self-kindness and come out with accountability.

Affirm your intent; start there, and every time something painful or hard to see comes up, be gentle with yourself, like the energy of these early phases of the Moon.

Being gentle means taking deep breaths, taking breaks, and rewarding small successes. We can be loving parents of ourselves, and the Moon and the innate kindness within our hearts help make this so.

Void of Course Moon Times

The day after Christmas, Monday, December 26, the Moon goes void for 13 hours. This affects the afternoon and evening hours in the United States and Canada and the early morning hours on Tuesday for those in Europe.

On Saturday, December 29, the Moon is void during the afternoon and evening for those in the United States and Canada and on Sunday morning for those in Europe. It can be a sweet, slow weekend breakfast and brunch time for those in Europe.

On Tuesday morning, December 27, the morning hours are affected for those in the United States and Canada, and the afternoon and evening hours for those in Europe. If you must get back to work on the 27th, please consider pacing yourself and allowing your body to dictate your productivity pace. You can catch up later.

The other long Void Moon time is Thursday, January 5, during the morning hours for those in Europe. Many people will be back to work then; please consider pacing yourself that Thursday morning.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you in two weeks at the Full Moon Phase.

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    Many blessings from one young/ new lady to another.

    • Oh, dear Monica,

      Thank you so very much. Yes, we have a whole new lease on life in these exciting 5D times. Deeply grateful for your support.