Look Up, and Within, as Our Moon Models Release

by | Aug 1, 2023 | 5D, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Letting Go, Our Moon, Sovereignty

Full Moon to New Moon, August 1 to August 15, 2023

The serious business of leaving the past and embodying present potential exists in this last half of the Luna Cycle, from August 1 to the next New Moon on August 16.

The Moon dissolving into emptiness during the last two weeks of each Luna cycle shows us how to let go. You can watch this process and feel it within. We are together, with our Moon and all that is, including these deep space planets.

As we wade through nebulousness, the invitation is to recognize the signs that offer life and make conscious choices. Bottom line: We can stand in sovereign partnership with an interactive Universe. While it is not going to be easy, it is encouragingly doable.

The co-creative partners  named in the graphic offer cosmic guidelines:

  • Reflect and respect the flow of your truth
  • Recognize new pathways to creative power
  • Consider that long-held ideas can become manifest
  • Let the grief in and out
  • Be brave. Find your center stage
  • Dynamic expression of primal energy can power up your evolution
  • Call on spiritual support as you trust inner knowing
  • A sudden ending may be a pre-requisite to a new beginning
  • Honour your timing with a felt, Inner-knowing
  • Values take shape as you align your will with Divine Will
  • Live with the unexpected

I plan to offer concrete data on the astrological configurations involved over these next two weeks on my YouTube channel. If this content interests you, consider subscribing to the channel so you can be notified when content is uploaded.  


  1. Dear Aureal – I love your cosmic guidelines! Beautiful as you are channel. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Janet, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Am deeply grateful that the work has meaning for you. All blessing wishes!