Letting Go

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Living the Intuitive Life

There is a lot of letting go in the shift from 3D to 5D. We are letting go of identities and character traits as almost everything about our lives is being reconfigured in new Light and within higher vibrational frequency. The process of identifying, calming and then releasing outdated character traits can feel intense and bewildering. As we make our way into the New Life/New Time, the only anchor that we have is our own inner experience. Recognizing the discomfort of known traits that no longer work, and then releasing them, is an active part of this shift from 3D to 5D living.

On this blog, I often write about transcending time as a bridge from 3D to 5D living. This post is about the experience of transcending space, as we open up to the release of a quality or character trait that no longer serves us. As personal example, I share a story about releasing judgement.

I knew of Prince, of course, however, I did not know any of his songs except for No One Compares to You, which was made famous by another singer. When he died recently, the global expression of sadness related to his death astonished me, as I had no idea that he had helped so many people through his creative expression. Then, I started seeing news reports of suspected opioid use and my immediate response was judgement. How do gifted people, like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and possibly, Prince, die from substance use?

IMG_0187Photo by Aureal Williams, Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati, Ohio

What is it about fame on the global stage that includes death as a possible side effect? Is there adaptable wiring that allows a human the capacity to expand his or her energy field to the quantum experience of global exposure? People like Oprah and Ellen seem to do it successfully, however, so many others do not make it.

When I read that the flight detour, about a week before Prince’s death was, allegedly, related to receiving something like a narcan shot rather than the flu as previously claimed, and that Prince had not slept for days before his death, and that, again, allegedly, there had been a history of opioid use, my first response was judgement. How could this happen? How could there be such discordance between a beloved public figure and an allegedly struggling, suffering personal life?

How could a person not take life-preserving care of one’s self; how did a devoted team not intervene? After feeling this experience of judging for a while, I started to become aware that judging Prince did not sit well within my heart or energy field. How could I possibly know what his inner life was like or what was at the root of his choices for self care? I can’t know. Nor, can I know the choices of those closest to him. Judgement is a conditioned, reactionary response. Judgement puts a wall up against my own feelings and a buffer against true understanding of another within the human experience.

The Native Americans have a saying, Walk a Mile in His Shoes. There is really no way we can do that, however, there is also no way that we can know, or judge, another’s choice processes. We do not have to be suckered into false compassion just as we do not have to be reactionary with condemnation. We can be neutral, allowing and responsible to our own feelings that surface in response to news. We can be neutral, as well as loving on the broadest, human sense, such as acknowledging the distinct, direct, real experience of NOT KNOWING.

Being free of judgement is liberating. Releasing judgement, and other emotions that tend to separate us from others, like anger, rage, bitterness, revenge, jealousy is a process that involves owning the feeling and the experience of separation within ourselves. Doing so creates space, transcendent space, that allows for individuality and acceptance. It allows you to be you, me to be me, and Prince to be Prince. We simply cannot know, nor can we judge or compare. That is 5D living, to allow the open space of individuality, with respect and acceptance. We do not have to condone behaviors that we do not support, however, we cannot judge them or compare our choices to another’s individuated, life path and personal choosing.

Up until this experience of releasing judgement of a public figure, I understood transcending the space part of the timespace continuum of the 4th Dimension as the experience of nonlocal space, like making a heart connection while doing a reading over the phone with someone at a distance, or knowing who is calling before looking at the number readout on the phone. With this experience of releasing judgement as conditioned response, I have a new experience of transcending space. There is openness within the energy field when we recognize, own, claim and then release conditioned responses that separate and block our energy. Releasing conditioned, almost programmed, character trait responses into the field of not knowing is like cobwebs clearing. It is like a multidimensional experience of space to move, breathe, be, in the unlimited space of potentiality, for one’s self and others. We have and give room to be without bindings that constrict and restrict.

What character trait are you aware of releasing now, in this New Time, and how is that going for you?