Is Your Body Breaking Open Now?

by | Jul 2, 2023 | 5D, Body Wisdom, Deep Space Astrology, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects

Full Moon to New Moon, July 3 to July 17, 2023

In my experience, and maybe yours, the psychosocial transformations we have undertaken in our shift to 5D consciousness now need to be cleared at the physical level.

We know from holistic theory that disease starts in the subtle body before showing up in the physical body. The same multilevel process occurs here; transformations made at the subtle energy levels are now ready to be cleared at the physical level.

For me, physical clearing means better posture and structural realignment. Since I had not experienced physical aches and pains until recently, I attributed the discomfort to an office chair malfunction, even though the chair was only six months old.

The pain was unbearable; burning, searing, insisting that I stop what I was doing and find relief. Being used to working hours on end without aches or pains, I suddenly had to stop working at my desk after an hour or two. I will spare you the details and report that “Ask and you shall receive” works.

My dear friend handmade a healing ointment that relieved the pain, a heating pad helped, and prayer begging delivered a movement therapist with answers and resolutions.

The movement therapist’s name is Paula James, and here is her website if you need similar help. Paula came to her superior skillset from healing her structural pain challenges of ten years. She brings authenticity, integrity, and knowledge. I highly recommend her.

Ask and you shall receive” works.

On to the Astrology

This Full Moon occurs at the 12th degree of the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Like many astrologers, I peak at the Sabian Symbols for an enhanced understanding of the degrees involved in planetary configurations.

There are many choices of Sabian symbol interpretations, and my go-to is John Sandbach and his Chandra symbology. Here is what he says about the 12th degree:

The 12th degree of all the signs is always about learning to let go of the burden of one’s fears and worries and to have faith that the universe is perfectly set up to assist in one’s growth.                       

                                                                                                            John Sandbach

To have physical pain, especially when it first shows up and rates high on the 0-10 pain scale rating, scares us. We feel vulnerable, threatened, and helpless. Those emotions represented my experience until I could stabilize within the energy of restructuring my physical reality. While the pain resolves, the change that comes from learning through the chaos becomes the new normal.

In the sky above, earth below paradigm, here are the planetary configurations involved in our body clearing now:

  • Full Moon at the 12 Cancer Sun/12 Capricorn Moon axis,
  • Ceres square Ixion exact – Divine Mothering of the Truth
  • Quaoar conjunct Pholos, 8 degrees Capricorn, implores us to find  stamina and tenacity
  • Pluto square Haumeau last degrees Capricorn/Libra – going past delusion to fully weave in Spirit  — to be inspired to transform ourselves through valuing our power
  • Pluto squares the nodes  Capricorn/Taurus/Scorpio — an integral power-based transformation of our values
  • Venus conjunct Praamzius  The time NOW to fully and completely love ourselves

In these last two weeks of the luna cycle, consider listening to the body and grounding in the practical, with feet, legs, root, and 2nd chakra open to receive the stellar infusions of insight, direction, and choice.  

Ingresses and Stations

The Ingresses and Stations during these last two weeks of the Luna cycle show us that we live in a Universe of constant movement and change. Consider connecting your heart with the essence of the planet involved on the day of or before these events. Ask the liquid light to stream down on you with the grace of synchronized alignment

  • July 3 Orius (Centaur) enters Capricorn (retrograde) getting a clear view of our power
  • July 4 Manwe (TNO)  stations retrograde 3 Aries Eagle view of new beginnings
  • July 7 Elatus (Centaur)  stations direct 27 Libra find our true north values
  • July 10 Asbolus (Centaur) enters Cancer (direct) waken to body intelligence
  • July 10 Pallas (Asteroid) enters Virgo direct Discern our Warrior Goddess within
  • July 11 Salacia (Cubewano) stations retrograde 10 Aries Release bitterness, be willing to be seen
  • July 11 Mercury enters Leo (direct) Understanding our light
  • July 13 Okyrhoe (Centaur) stations retrograde 6 Aries Find your light
  • July 14  Haumea (TNO) stations direct 29 Libra Allow Spirit to help see beyond the veil
  • July 14 Leleakuhonua (TNO) stations retrograde 13 Aries Permit a deep reworking of past/present/future for a new emergence in I AM presence

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