Intuition Takes Patience

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Living the Intuitive Life


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While doing the laundry last evening, I received an intuitive hit to not start the dryer yet.  While I was hanging up  clothes that I air dry, I found a tee shirt that I could put in the dryer.  I went back to the dryer, added that tee to the clothes already there and pressed start. I was heartened that I listened, because even after decades of working with intuition, every experience of intuitive awareness represents an awakening, a cosmic heart kiss.

This example represents a little thing, yet that is how intuition works and how, by paying attention to these little things, we begin to recognize and trust our intuition so that we can work with it effectively for bigger life choices.

What was new in this experience was the awareness that intuition takes patience. Rather than getting on with starting the dryer so that I could move to the next task, I had to wait.  In the waiting I found that I missed one shirt that could have been added to the drying load.  A little twinge inside said wait, and I listened. 

I saved time and energy by not starting and then having to stop and restart the dryer, and though it was only moments that I saved, it was a savings.  Saving resources, not wasting time, is one of the biggest advantages of living an intuitive life. Using intuition, I do not have to retrace my steps or redo things. I do have to listen, acknowledge and accept that being informed comes from body listening, not mind listening.

We are in challenging times now, with the end of the Mayan Calendar, about to begin a new mega cycle of Time. There is a great shift happening and this shift represents releasing and realigning of internal energy patterns. It is my feeling and experience that intuition leads the way as a means of navigating this great change.  We can no longer trust the mind to help us discern life’s call to make choices.  Intuition guides the way and while we all have intuitive knowing, it takes practice to identify our own intuitive language and patience to listen and develop trust in our guiding frequencies.

I encourage you to practice living your life intuitively. If you are looking at ways to help strengthen your practice and patience living life intuitively, there are a variety of choices in ways that we can work together.   Contact me to discuss the options, such as intuitive sessions,  Natural Time Alignment sessions or classes.