Inspiration, Intuition, And Imagination Light This Lunar Week

by | Oct 31, 2022 | 5D, Intuition, Our Moon, Unconditional Love

Second Quarter Moon, November 1, 2022, 2:37 AM, EDT to Full Moon Eclipse, November 8, 2022, 6:03 AM EST

Moon Phase

This week, call on that sacred triad, Inspiration, Intuition, and Imagination, to resource you. We can use the capacities of this triad to stretch into our fullness, like the growing light of the Moon. These three magician skills free us from the pressures of outcomes. What matters is what feels right, aligned, and authentic as we grace ourselves up from within.

There may be a push/pull experience to overcome doubt and darkness. The challenge is to keep the long vision and soften resistance to how far away success seems or how difficult the journey.

Grab your medicine bag — silence, prayer, meditation, beauty, gentle self-care, nature, — and new techniques that float into awareness. Connection with friends is always a comfort; this week, though, please consider being your own best friend. Dive deep through drudge and darkness to connect with your resilient inner knowing.

One of the many gifts in this most productive week of the lunar month is to be powerfully compassionate with ourselves. We are creative beings, and now is the time to come into sovereign creativity.

What you create can be a great dinner, a clean house, a loving and reciprocal relationship, patient parenting, the most fantastic product or service, artwork, music, or song, your best yoga pose, or peace within. The creations are yours to choose.

By choosing to create, we align our power for the common good. The challenge is to identify, claim, and stand in our power without giving it away or surrendering to anything except one’s own experience.

Given the elemental nature of this week, we may feel emotionally flooded and with a lack of initiative. There may be resistance to stepping into your I AM presence with grace.

That is okay; we are in between eclipses, and the work this week is deep within. Request unrestricted access to your needs, wants, and vision of what is possible. This request is from and to yourself, Spirit, the Cosmos, and your benevolent helpers.

This deep dive time offers a chance for ultimate Mothering of ourselves as we fulfill our destiny. Be careful about over-giving and reassess what it means to self-care. The word “selfish” is reappropriated in these quantum leap times by a sense of responsibility for one’s sovereignty. Put your oxygen mask on first.

Consider placing focus and intention on lifting out of shame, blame, and guilt. Get into the present moment and feel the vision of what is possible. Consciously open your heart, soul, and deep longing, and then reach. If it feels like heavy lifting, it is. We are releasing eons of sludge as we evolve from striving to thriving.

Breathe through stuck points; rest your body and soul, and allow for nourishment that nourishes. Consider asking for fear and false pride or humility to dissolve as you step into the freedom of being you.

Affirm the gift of life, the generosity of Spirit, the light of our Moon, and the innate capacities of Inspiration, Intuition, and Imagination to keep unfolding you in the evolution of love.

We can release eons of false conditioning that kept self-love, positive self-regard, and supreme self-care shackled.

5D, Here, Now

The 5D Pillar of Access this week is unconditional love for yourself. Yes, you are the center of your universe. It starts and ends with you. We have a chance to increase self-love in this glorious glowing light, approaching Full Moon and between a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse. We can release eons of false conditioning that kept self-love, positive self-regard, and supreme self-care shackled. This week requires heavy lifting and the cosmic energies support that.


You can start small with this week’s challenge to live and breathe unconditional self-love. Take baby steps. For instance, morning and night, look into the mirror and smile when you brush your teeth.

Once you smile at yourself, a technique from Qi Gong is to rub your hands together briskly. This movement opens a heart connection. Look back into the mirror, and smile more.

You are most likely by yourself so that you can talk with yourself. You can say, I am sorry about…..or Tell me more about that decision…..or I wish you……

Practice gently yet persistently. Loving someone takes time. This lunar week, we have the chance to dredge up and release big blocks, habits, misunderstandings, and false beliefs that get in the way of accepting our purity, beauty, grace, and power. Every moment offers an opportunity to claim your superpowers.

If you are up to it, consider taking three breaks every day this week. One break to check in with something that inspires you. A later break to check in with your intuition, asking something like, “What advice do you have for me regarding…”. A third break for the day can include a check-in with your imagination. Free reign here; imagine anything and everything you want and invite it to come to you. The advice the masters give for this technique is to feel it happening.

Spark your life alive with these skill sets that make the unconscious conscious. If you do, you will likely have experiences of feeling deeply resourced.

Please let me know in the comments or through an email how these suggestions work for you.

Void of Course Moon Times this Week

Wednesday’s void Moon lasts almost eight hours, affecting the morning to midafternoon in the United States and Canada and the evening hours in Europe. For those in the United States and Canada, consider doing non-essential tasks like filing, deleting old computer files and email, and catching up on housekeeping things, in contrast to doing vital work during that time.

Friday’s void Moon lasts for less than an hour. Check the exact time below to avoid making a significant purchase, signing on a new client, or doing any work of importance during that brief time. Before or after is fine; if you commit during that time, you are likely to experience a change to whatever you established during the void Moon.

Sunday’s void Moon lasts for almost seven hours. This void time falls in the late afternoon and evening in the United States and Canada and during nighttime hours for those in Europe. Sunday rest is enhanced and the biophysical impact of the time change increases for those in the United States.

The exact Void Moon times, listed in the United States and Canada Eastern Time Zone, are below, along with a time converter link to calculate the times for where you live.

Void Moons: No form to contain the energy which feels free-floating and hard to focus. Heeding what your body wants during Void Moons — more internal focus, less external focus, and more stillness, quiet, and rest — are great ways to embody the Moon.

Wednesday, November 2, 7:08  AM to 2:46 PM EDT

Friday, November 4, 6:05 PM to 7:07 PM EDT

Sunday, November 6, 5:30 PM to November 7. 12:15: AM EST

Here is a time converter:

Blessed Be. See you next week at the Full Moon, Eclipse.