In the Current

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Living the Intuitive Life



Waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, I sat in the bedroom chair by the window and started exploring the world through my  ipad.  Totally relaxed, an inspiration came to search for the name of the flower that grows in my front yard.  I started looking up “blue violet flowers” and did not see this particular flower listed anywhere.  Inspired to move within the current of that moment, I went outside with my ipad to snap a photo and see if I locate it online with a direct comparison.  While outside, a neighbor walking her dog at 7:45 in the morning stopped to chat. I asked her if she knew the name of this flower, she did! and with great joy I went back inside to look up Ajuga and it metaphysical meanings.

Throughout my life, I am consistently reminded that our medicine is right in front of us, in this case, in my own yard.  Ajuga seems to help with many issues, ancesteral, feeling confident, verbal expression, support in bodywork touch, many of the things that I do!  I have been living with this flower for almost three years.  It has always inspired me and lifted my heart and my energy.  I am grateful to the purple ajuga for being in my life, so close by, offering its wisdom and support.

What is in your yard, supporting you?