I Have More Space

by | Jun 14, 2011 | Body Wisdom

Did you ever have one of those experiences where you thought you were making a good choice and it really was a poor choice and because of the poor choice you felt like you needed to wash inside and out for about a day and half?  I just had one of those remarkable learning experiences.


It was my day off and I went to the movies.  The movie was okay, however, it left me feeling a little flat, like, “So what?” After that, I was feeling hungry and there are not too many restaurants I can enjoy because I eat naturally and/or organic and I cannot stand sugar in my food. Those parameters leave me with limited choices for dining out.


There is a relatively new restaurant in my town that I had been wanting to try and I thought, ‘Why not today?”  First, I went about looking for it without an address. I knew the street it was on, so I traveled that street one end to the next, without finding the place.  At the end of the street, while turning around in a driveway, I pulled out my  phone and got the street number.  I found the place, parked and went in.


Here is where I made my first poor choice.  I did not like the vibe as I entered the place and I ignored this awareness. I did not like the set up, physically, and I did not appreciate the vibe of the people.  It was all about the food for me — this was advertised as “good” food, so I kept my focus narrowed and limited and ignored the bigger picture of what I sensed around me.


I went ahead and ordered.  I needed a simple substitution of yeast-free bread, which this restaurant had, however, not with the sandwich that I ordered.  The waiter was not open to that substitution, so I ordered something other than what I really wanted.  Then, the place had multiple TVs turned on.  I like TV, not in restaurants though, and the electromagnetic experience of the TVs was extremely upsetting to my nervous system.  The food was edible, not great. How could the food possibly be good for me if the vibe of the place wasn’t resonant?


I left in an upset state and with much regret.  I felt dirty, inside and out, violated and it was from my own ignorance.  It took me a day and a half to shake the experience and to calm down back to center. In reflection, what I learned is that I need to expand my awareness into the space around me.  I have to have a multidimensional view, not the narrow view of single-minded focus, in this case, lunch.  There was a natural foods store nearby, I could have gone there for something to eat.  It wouldn’t have offered a dining in experience, however, it would have been a wiser choice for me.


Stubbornness, obstinacy, insistence, these all got in my way that day. What I learned from this painful experience is that I can include an experience of the space above my head, it is a source of informing in chakras systems and I can also include the space around my physical body in my choice making.  In many healing systems that space around our bodies is the aura and that also holds sources of information for us.  This painful, constricting experience was a teaching moment for me to use the space around and above me, and I am going to include under me to, because as above, so below.  If there is an informing space above, there is also an informing space below my feet, too, that I can access for information.  What I learned from this experience is that intuition not only comes from an inner body awareness. I learned that I have informing space around my whole body that also assists me to choose wisely, from informed knowing. I want, and need, to breathe through all this space as I walk through this amazing, choice-filled life.