Growth in the Time of Letting Go

by | Jan 11, 2024 | 5D, Astrology, Deep Space Astrology, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Letting Go, Our Moon

New Moon to Full Moon, January 11 to January 25, 2024

This New Moon is a big deal. There is a Grand Fixed Square involving Mors Somnus 28 Taurus, conjunct Sedna 30 Taurus, opposite Ceto 30 Scorpio, square Sila Numan 30 Leo, opposite Damocles 29 Aquarius, conjunct Crantor 30 Aquarius.

Another Grand Square involves Borasisi 29 Pisces, conjunct Okyrhoe 1 Aries, opposite Kagara 29 Virgo, square Asbolus 30 Gemini, Rx, opposite the Galactic Center conjunct Varda at 28 Sagittarius.

A Grand Earth Trine involves Sedna 30 Taurus, trine Kagara 29 Virgo, and Pluto 30 Capricorn.

And, as many know, the Nodes square the Sun/Moon conjunction. We are blasting off into Now, leaving the past behind. In essence, during the first two weeks of this loving Moon, our partnership with the deep space bodies is enhanced when we:

Release invisibility

Accept that there may be a shake-up transformation that helps us proceed

Anchor in our core, with power over distractions

Partner with nature

Realign with presence

Perhaps more silence and doing nothing?

Perhaps noting emotions and physical sensations?

Perhaps a reckoning before going to sleep?

Employ an Eagle-view in everyday life

Call on spiritual and lineage ancestors for comfort, support, and protection

Stop the internal fight; tell the truth and open our pure hearts

No excuses. Barriers and defenses dropped; wounds caressed

Use intuition and day and night dreaming to make the unconscious conscious

The image that comes through as I write about the deep space energies occurring during the first half of the Luna cycle resembles a bellows – like a lung expanding and contracting in the process of life. Greet the resistance, discern, choose and let go for the next breath.

There are many more Kuiper Belt level aspects involved during these first two weeks of Luna Light. If you want the astrological details, hop on over to substack to read about the planets, signs, degrees, and aspect configurations involved in our becoming more authentic and empowered.

All blessing wishes in this potent, transformative time.


  1. GREAT Aureal! i look forward to this! when is the first one? And EST.

    building a community will be fun and needed. Thank you!

    • Wonderful, Karen! Am so happy you are interested. The first event is Saturday,January 20, 2024, 12 Noon, Eastern. The zoom link will be sent to by email in advance of that date. See you then!