Full to New Moon: Deep Dives to Power Up

by | Feb 23, 2024 | 5D, Astrology, Consciousness, Deep Space Astrology, Intuition, KBO Kuiper Belt Objects, Our Moon, Sovereignty

Full Moon, February 24 to New Moon, March 10, 2024

The last two weeks of this Luna Cycle, from February 24 to March 10, 2024, are highly transformative in uprooting unconscious blocks that keep us from living our fullest potential.

Our Cosmic Collaborators Include:

The work is deep, as the cosmos invites us to:

  • See beyond what we think we know
  • Live sovereignly
  • We have the chance for a fresh start through the integration of disclaimed parts
  • Nurture our expanding consciousness
  • Root in Source, with a conscious expression of Sovereignty within Oneness
  • Discern: Be wise, discriminating, and make conscious choices based on internal guidance free of the distortion of unconscious blocks
  • Collaboratively, rise above fears
  • Accept that we can live Heaven on Earth

The critical piece in these two weeks seems to be how to free and reframe the unconscious blocks that have short-circuited our wholeness. Everyone must find their way in this process. May you find the help within and the helpers who can be with you on this vital path. Asking for help and opening up to intuitive guidance can be a first step. I am reminded of Tony Robbins’s quote about the pain of staying the same is worse than making the change. These deep space planets are cosmically telling us that the time is Now.  

Note to Readers:

Going forward, these posts will be based on the Heliocentric Coordinate of the planetary aspects instead of the Geocentric Coordinate, which has been used up to now. The reason for this shift is that the Sun is calling me, and maybe you, to advance the perspective in the cosmic view. Heliocentric is based on a view of the planetary activity from the Sun, while Geocentric is based on the view from Earth. We are becoming Sol beings, and it feels timely to me to access the Heliocentric view. Please use comments or email if you have questions.

If you want the astro details of the configurations that factored into this post, hop on over to Substack for information on the planets, degrees, signs, and aspects involved.

All blessing wishes in this most auspicious time!