Love in the Frequency of You

Taurus Ingress 2023 Love in the Frequency of You

Taurus Solar Month, April 20 to May 19 2023


The Kuiper Belt Objects are heavy hitters, and the challenges we face are unprecedented in human history. The work is not for the timid or fearful. The invitation is to shake up and out who we were and allow the light of who we are becoming to stream in, fully flowing.

It is not possible to do this work from a place of overwhelm. We can relax by loosening, unbinding, and allowing through gentle care and attentive focus. The key is to listen to yourself from deep within, from that place that is cosmically connected to Sky, Earth, Spirit, and your human heart.

There was so much data for this month’s report that I broke it down into Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable segments. The Cardinal part is represented by what we are starting. The Fixed part is what we are building, and the Muteable part is what we are integrating.

The sections below include a summary, a section on the planetary activity that occurs during the entire solar month, and then a section on specific dates to watch.

What we are starting

Letting go of the old that no longer works and does not fit. Shine our light. Practice using imagination with what comes up from the deep unconscious through the dream and downtime reflections.

What we are building

Integrating our heaven-on-earth experience, living our divine humanity

Aligning human will with Divine plan, using our gifts of prophecy, means deep listening and responsiveness to what we hear beyond habituated thinking. Raising our heart vibration so we can genuinely hear who and what we are becoming.

Consciously and more actively, using our gifts of intuition, inner knowing, and prophetic awareness.

Do the deep work of release – effortlessly, yet consciously. Being willing to let go and move on.

What we are integrating

Alignment with natural law

Alignment with cosmic connection

Using all of us, the seemingly “bad and disdainful” in the transformative process of our becoming

Allowing the deep, dark unconscious, with its fierce monsters, to bring us into the light of power truth standing.

All Month Dates

What we are starting: Cardinal

Amycus and Pluto 30 Capricorn, conjunct Orius 29 Capricorn square Elatus 30 Libra/1 Scorpio

This aspect compels us to align with the purest source of our mission purpose and express it beyond false power motivations. At the last degrees of Capricorn and Libra and Scorpio’s first degree, this is the end of the false story, the beginning of the real jump-off time. 

Pholus conjunct Quaoar 8 Capricorn, square Ceres 8 Libra conjunct Makemake 9 Libra, opposite Salacia 9 Aries

This complex aspect helps us release hiding and stand in the power of the creative force of divine humanity. Just before the mid degrees of the cardinal signs, anticipation with this multi-layered aspect is a release of the truth on a large scale. A truth that reflects the best in humanity.

Bienor 5 Cancer Square Rhiphonos 5 Libra

Stand in strength and show the new face of our evolved self. In the early signs of Cancer and Libra energy, we are prompted to open into new expressions of love and care for humanity.

Chaos 1 Cancer square Manwe 2 Aries and square SuperGalactic Center 2 Libra

Chaos is the void, the emptiness from which all creation emerges. At the pivotal point of 1 Cancer and square Manwe at 2 Aries, opposite the SuperGalactic Center at 2 Libra, this significant aspect opens possibilities beyond anything we could have imagined. This take-flight aspect is of the imaginal realm. The energies ground us with inspiration rising from the deep void. There are two days of personal planet connection with this aspect, May 17 with Venus and May 19 with Mercury. See the specific date section below.

What we are building, fortifying, strengthening: Fixed

Albion 14 Taurus opposite Mbabamwaresa 14 Scorpio

The 14th degree of Scorpio is the degree of the midpoint between the Galactic Center and the SuperGalactic Center. (Philip Sedgwick) Mbabamwaresa represents the union of heaven and earth, human and divine. According to William Blake’s writings, Albion represents the full manifestation of human capacity. He equates these four “powers” with sensate experience, rational mind, desire or the creative force, and imagination.

Occurring all solar month at this pivotal degree, which is also one degree before the half-season turning point, this is a potent aspect for integrating the whole of our quantum leap experience. We are called on to bring the union of heaven and earth into the full capacity of lived experience, the practical and the metaphysical. This aspect, an opposition between Albion and Mbabamwaresa, speaks to unity within.

Lempo 22 Taurus opposite Typhon 22 Scorpio

A Finnish god of love and fertility, Lempo, opposing the many-headed volcanic monster Typhon in the values/power axis of Taurus and Scorpio, calls for us to clear falsity and reveal purity. This intense aspect calls for true reckoning.

Pelion and Alicanto at 26 Taurus oppose Deucalion at 25/26 Scorpio

The conjunction of Alicanto and Pelion directly opposes Deucalion, which represents high-level intuition, especially premonitions responsive to Divine interventions. As we align human will with Divine plan, the invitation here is to be of good character, responsive to the Divinity within. Deucalion also represents cooperation and collaboration of masculine and feminine working together.

In essence, this aspect invites us to be on the wavelength of the most profound listening that forewarns of wrong turns. Raise and maintain (non-stop self-care) the heart vibration to the highest level to ride out the storms.

Crantor 29 Aquarius conjunct Damocles 30 Aquarius

Crantor’s father sacrificed him as a symbol of peace. As if that was not enough sacrifice, Crantor died when a tree trunk, thrown as a weapon by another god, hit and killed him as the god the tree trunk was intended for ducked.  

Damocles thought the grass was greener being a king, so the king said yes, try it, and dangled a sword, hung by a thread, over Damocles’s head as he sat on the throne.

The last degrees of Aquarius represents the fullest flowering of integrated service for humanity. In sync with these degrees, the myth stories of these planets suggest that we align fully with destiny. Awareness of the alignment comes through rest, reflection, deep internal listening, and reading the cosmic signs as they show up for us. 

Dziewanna 23 Scorpio Square Praamzius 24 Leo

Benjamin Adamah writes that the Scattered Disc Object Dziewanna is “Perhaps, the most difficult object among the newcomers in astrology.”[i] Transformative earth energy is one of the qualities represented by Dziewanna, as is the plant, Mullein, an integral herb of protection favoured by herbalists.[ii]

Praamzius represents a Lithuanian god of the sky, representative of Time. With these two planets in square aspect to one another, in late fixed degrees of signs representing the expression of power, the invitation to come into alignment with ourselves is again expressed in the Kuiper Belt Object picture this solar month.

The association with Mullein as an herbal lung treatment is well known. Perhaps this aspect invites us to clear the lungs of grief, repressed and restricted breathing, and open ourselves up to the cyclical turning of a revitalized life.

Ceto 28 Scorpio opposite Mors-Somnus 28 Taurus, Sedna at 29 Taurus and square Sila-Nunam 28 Leo

Here we have a T-square aspect in the late degrees of fixed signs. The mythology of Ceto is of a water monster dredging the depths of the unconscious. Mors-Somnus mythology speaks of sleep and death. Sila-Numan represents a husband-wife duo who signify the integration of masculine and feminine, past and future, and nature and humanity.

With Sedna in the last degree of Taurus, we are compelled to live our spiritual path in the fullest expression of our true values.

This aspect brings the challenge of working with our unconscious to filter blockages that keep us from full integration. What parts of you and your life are jarring? Mismatched? The late degrees of the fixed signs, in T-square, suggest finding resonance through a fully integrated self/other humanitarian expression of our unique gifts.

Crantor and Damolces at the end degrees of Aquarius are slightly out of orb for this to be a grand cross aspect. However, we can invite those destiny aligning energies in to help us bear fruit in the new expression of our lives this solar month.


One way of doing aligning all of ourselves is to consciously bring the fixed signs into awareness, perhaps with a daily prayer: Taurus, I love……, Leo, I radiate……..Scorpio, I unearth my gifts of……..Aquarius, I bring……

What we are integrating: Muteable

Aphidas conjunct Orcus 14/15 Virgo, square Great Attractor 15 Sag

With this aspect, we are encouraged to stay conscious of our highest affinity with natural law and see beyond duality and delusion into the unity that resources all in harmonic wholeness.

Varda 27 Sagittarius conjunct GC square Neptune 26 Pisces

Varda is an East Indian goddess associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and nurturer of humanity. Her position at 27 Sagittarius is also conjunct the Galactic Center. Square Neptune at 26 Pisces, we have the added incentive to transcend self-delusion and reach for our highest potential through the benefit of goddess protection and Galactic Center vision and reach.

Nessus 17 Pisces opposite Thereus 16 – 17 Virgo

In the middle of muteable degrees, we have Nessus, the son of Ixion, a rapist ferryman directly opposite Thereus, a monster god who captured live bears. These intense energies invite us to tame our inner tiger by recognizing our animus power and discerning the higher manifestations of this power in service to our divine humanity. The Kuiper Belt Objects teach us to use all of what we have and who we are in the transformation of our becoming.

G!kun||’homdima 19 Gemini conjunct Altjira 19 Gemini opposite Huya 20 Sagittarius square Teharonhiawake 20 Pisces

Reading Alex Miller’s description New Kid on the Celestial Block: G!kun||’ homdima – Alex’s Asteroid Astrology | Alex’s Asteroid Astrology (, one can see that Greta Thunberg is an excellent representation of G!kun||’homdima. This planet is a fierce protector of truth, free of compromise. The planet’s energy involves shape-shifting and using the earth’s resources and animals to protect all.

Named for the dreamtime of the aboriginal Australians, Altjira created the world and then retreated. With its North Node in very early Aries, 2 degrees, and opposite the SuperGalactic Center, Altjira’s retreat suggests that this planetary body’s energy is engaged in the netherworld, where dream happens, free of mundane affairs. Altjira offers a high spiritual vibe resonant with the noosphere.

Let go and Let God comes to mind; a willingness to surrender to the highest good and the spiritual collaboration that occurs through dreams. To the Aborigines, dreamstate is a way of life, not just a nighttime or nap journey. The dreamstate involves cooperation with the mystical at all times.

As a rain god of Venezuala, Huya helps us work with the deep unconscious. Teharonhiawake is an Iroquois creation god of the Sky and Earth who overcomes challenges from his evil twin.  

Cardinal and Mutable

Okyrhoe at 1 degree of Aries  conjunct Borasisi conjunct at 29 Pisces

The combination of Borasisi at the close of the zodiac, 29 Pisces, and Okyrhoe at the beginning of the zodiac, 1 degree Aries, suggests that we are crossing a border related to living our gifts of prophecy with confidence.

Currently, there is heightened discussion of AI and its capacities for our work. In the 5th Dimension and higher consciousness, there is the Noosphere. This intuitive band of information is cosmically accessible to us and can equal, and perhaps surpass, the capacities of AI.[iii] This alpha/omega conjunction of Okyrhoe and Borasisi invites us to start using our access to the Noosphere. We can do this by blending rest with action, personal with professional, and by listening deeply to the signs and signals the cosmos throws our way.

[i] Adamah, Benjamin, Centaurs Damocloids Scattered Disc Objects, VAMzzz Publishing, The Netherlands, 2019, p. 98


[iii] I write about the Noosphere in my book, 5D, Ordinary Descriptions of an Extraordinary Shift

Specific Dates

Here is a link to a printable copy of the Specific Dates

Thank you for your support of this work. The Kuiper Belt Objects help raise our frequency vibrations to the 5th Dimension and higher. The more we become familiar with these planetary energies, the more we can engage and interact with them. Please share your experiences, feedback and suggestions. This monthly report improves with your input!

Telling others who may be interested in subscribing is appreciated. Wishing you a rich, fulfilling, and highly intuitive Taurus Solar Month.


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